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Cat Litter Boxes

A litter box is essential if you have an indoor feline friend, but it can be hard to decide which one is the best choice. It all depends on your living arrangement and how often you prefer to clean your cats litter box.

What kinds of litter boxes are available?

Litter boxes also come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate the tiniest kitten to the largest adult cats. There are a few different types of litter boxes:

  • Open pan: There is the open pan kind that is basically an open box with sides.
  • Hooded style: There is also the hooded style that offers your furry friend some privacy. This style also helps to keep the litter in the box during use. Another benefit of this style is that it hides unsightly elimination. A hooded litter box can also help to minimize odors. If you have a small apartment and the box has to be more out in the open, this box can be an option for you.
  • Automatic box: An automatic litter box cleans itself and takes all the work out of cleaning a litter box.

Litter pans are normally made of a durable plastic that withstands the scratching of your pet as it buries its waste. Cat box liners can be placed in litter pans to make cleaning the litter box simple and less messy. All you have to do is line the pan before adding the litter, and when it is time to change the litter, simply remove the bag with the solid clumps and toss it out. These liners will work with covered and open litter boxes.

What is a self-cleaning litter box?

A self-cleaning litter box removes waste using a rake that moves from one side of the box to the other. The rake collects the waste and puts it in a receptacle that you will need to empty from time to time as directed by the litter box maker. This type of kitty litter box is convenient for people who are too busy to clean the box daily.

What are some brands of litter boxes?

The Litter-Robot is a self-sifting litter box that automatically separates the solids from the litter, so you never have to scoop your pets clumps again.

The Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE litter box system is another choice that comes as a kit, so if you are starting out, you will have all the items you need. This litter box uses absorbent litter pads to make cleanup easy. It also uses anti-tracking litter pellets to minimize litter from getting tracked throughout the house.

If you dont like the look of a litter box, there are plenty of options that look like a stylish piece of furniture, such as the New Age Pet Habitat n Home Cat Litter Loo. This litter box looks like an end table, and no one would ever know that it is a litter box for your feline friend.