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Clarks Originals Suede Casual Shoes for Men

Since 1970, the Clarks brand has been offering a wide selection of shoes for men. Much of their footwear features suede.

What types of shoes for men are available?

Originals suede casual shoes for men come in several different styles, including sandals, dress casual, loafers, and boots. More specifically, the brand includes the following in their men's suede shoe collection:

  • Wallabee Boot: Available in men's sizes 7 through 13 and in 6 colors, including black, tan, and brown, this boot has moccasin construction. A crepe sole and clean and simple lines along with laces add to this shoe as well.
  • Desert Trek: This suede shoe comes in men's 8-13 and in 7 different colors like black, olive, beeswax, and dark brown. It features a central button seam and a Trek man heel emblem. It also has beeswax leather, a lace fastening, and crepe sole.
  • Tor Track: You can select from four different colors of this shoe including indigo, white, gray, and black. It is available in men's sizes 7-13. A lightweight EVA sole, collar shape, and whipstitch detailing sets this shoe apart from other shoes in this category. It also features a soft leather sock and linings to improve breathability.
  • Ranger Sport: These sandals have a crepe sole and a leather sock. Inspired by sandals in past collections, this one has a nubuck upper. Men's sizes 7-13 are available in black and olive. Velcro closures help you easily put them on or take them off.
  • Weaver: Available in men's 7-13, this shoe also gives you the option of eight different colors including black, yellow, olive, natural tan, and brown. Similar to a moccasin, this shoe also has a crepe sole stitching along its base and laces in the front.
How do you care for Clarks men's suede shoes?

When your shoes are not being worn, it is recommended that you use a shoe tree in them to help them keep their shape. Store your shoes away from heat and direct sunlight. If the laces become worn or soiled, you can purchase replacement laces or wash the current ones in warm soapy water. For cleaning instructions, check the label of your shoe. In general, if your shoes become soiled on the upper or the outsole, first use a brush to loosen any dirt and debris. If that doesn't remove all of the dirt or stains, you can also scrub gently with a microfiber cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Then, allow them to air dry.

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