Coaxial BNC Male Surveillance Cables and Connectors

If you need to connect a DVR unit to your CCTV monitor, then chances are you will be using a BNC connector to do it. Since this connector stands up well to humidity and vibration, most surveillance systems feature female BNC jacks on them. You simply need a couple of BNC male cords to get the whole system operational.

Will a BNC connector fit a bayonet mount camera cable?

BNC stands for Bayonet Neill–Concelman, which is why some DVR manufacturers use this name. If you have video equipment that calls for a bayonet adapter, then it is already fitted with female BNC connectors. Any standard male BNC cable will hook onto it. All BNC male cords are universal since RF adapters have to adhere to specific standards.

How do you convert BNC video to RCA video?

You might find that your CCTV security camera will not interface with a consumer television display because it only has RCA video connectors. This lack of interface is not a problem if you are working with commercial video devices that send composite video over BNC cords. Hook a BNC male cable to the female connector on any RCA composite video conversion box. You can then run a normal male patch cable to the TV. You should not notice any signal loss once you tighten the connectors.

What connectors do you need when working with 10BASE2 equipment?

If you have a 10BASE2 cable, then you can crimp normal coaxial BNC plugs to the ends of it. This technology sends digital signals through a length of the RG59 cable. In spite of the use of digital signaling, you will not need any special electronics. Use the same technique to crimp the connector that you would use when working with an analog camera.

How do you connect a camera with male jacks attached?

If your camera terminates into a male plug, then you just need a straight female coax coupler to connect it to whatever the other devices with which you are working. These are sometimes called Siamese converters, and you can find ones coated in nickel for use outdoors. You might want to run the length of coaxial cable out of the coupler mount to give you a little more room to work. Make sure that all of the parts you are using feature the same impedance figures so that you do not mix 50- and 75-Ohm conductors together.

Are there adapters that transfer RF from BNC?

There are BNC adapters for most types of RF jacks. You can even get a coaxial cord that features a male BNC connector on one end with a different plug on the other end. If you are working with RG59 cable, then you will be able to convert between the following formats:

  • SO239
  • PL259
  • SMA
  • N-type connector
  • F-type connector