Coaxial LMR400 Cables and Connectors

Your Guide to Finding the Right LMR 400 Cable

If you are looking for a low loss braided coaxial cable to wire up your radio for optimum sound, a genuine LMR 400 cable can provide the quality you are looking for. There are new and used LMR 400 cables available at eBay.

What equipment can you wire up with an LMR 400 cable?

There are several types of radio equipment that can be wired with the cable. See the list below for a few options:

  • CB: A citizen band radio can capture quality sound when connected with this cable.
  • Ham: If you use amateur radio to talk across town or around the world, wire it up with this cable for less lost sound.
  • Radio: Whether marine radio, weather radio, utility radio, or more, you can hold on to quality sound with a low loss LMR 400 cable.
  • Antenna: If you need to improve your reception, try wiring your antenna with a low loss LMR coaxial cable.
What kind of connectors are available with LMR 400?

Every coaxial wire comes with two connector ends on the cable. They are called end "A" and end "B." Additionally, the ends can come in male or female depending on the connection need. If you want to attach your own connection piece or buy bulk LMR 400 cables, you can purchase your cable with raw ends. Below are some other types of connections available for your low loss LMR 400 cable:

  • N: The N connector is a medium-sized RF connector that can carry microwave-frequency signals. It is available in male and female.
  • BNC: The Bayonet Neill-Concelman or BNC is a miniature quick connect radio connector that works with 10Base-2 Ethernet connections. It is available in male and female.
  • PL: The PL-259 UHF male plugs into a SO-239 female to make a UHF connection.
  • TNC: The Threaded Neill-Concelman connector is similar to the BNC, but it is threaded.
  • SMA: The SubMiniature version A connector is a semi-precision RF connector that is used for handheld radio and mobile antennas.
What is the difference between UHF and VHF?

There are two basic kinds of coaxial cables for radio frequency: UHF and VHF. Generally, LMR 400 is rated UHF, but some cables listed on eBay are rated for both. UHF stands for "ultra-high frequency" and VHF stands for "very high frequency." You will usually pay a little more for UHF cable. Since LMR 400 is a low loss coaxial cable, it will be rated UHF, but it is interchangeable with VHF.