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Coca-Cola Print Advertising

Purchasing print advertising for classic or traditional brand names can be fun for collectors and useful for gathering historical information about The Coca-Cola Company. Whether you plan to display your print advertisement as part of a collection or pin it on the wall as a decoration, print advertisements serve as reminders for life’s events. This information may answer some questions you may have regarding the purchase of print advertisements.

What are some creative ways to display your print advertisement?

Start with buying and collecting print items that appeal to you aesthetically. You can display your advertisements in a collage format on your wall or pick a single advertisement to display as a decorative statement above your bar or in your kitchen.

How can you display print advertisements to blend in with decor?
  • Coordinate colors and group your collection to exhibit small displays of similar colors.
  • Use monochrome print advertisements brands in rooms already packed with patterns and bright colors.
  • Draw out the background colors in cola prints through placement in similarly colored rooms.
  • Brighten rooms with furniture and walls of similar colors with cola prints.
  • Mix textures and styles. Placing cola calendars among T-shirts displaying cola messages is a unique way to spotlight the color red in rooms with black furniture.
Where should you place advertisement collections for viewing?
  • Place your cola collection at eye level view. For example, if you place parts of your collection in a sitting room, arrange pieces for optimal viewing while sitting on a couch or chair.
  • Position an assortment of Coca-Cola prints at standing eye level in a hallway or entryway.
  • When deciding on display locations, consider your audience. In particular, areas frequented by children might highlight advertisements behind Plexiglas for the safety of the child as well as the print.
  • Consider using lighting as intended in the print. If your collection includes advertisements featuring evening or night images, use spotlights or dimming lights to recreate the same effect.
  • Good lighting will help draw attention and allow for reading small or faded advertisements.
Where can they be placed aside from living room walls?
  • Consider areas for collection displays other than the living room wall. Certain Coke images might brighten your kitchen outlook and spotlight specific advertisement campaigns.
  • The Coke brand used many settings in print advertisements, so imagine ways to reflect similar settings when determining display sites.
  • Incorporate other hobbies with your advertisement displays. Spotlight similarities with music-themed Coke advertisement campaigns placed near your piano. Show off prints featuring gardens and flowers near your gardening clogs or near garden styled paintings.
How can print advertisements inspire dinner party conversation?
  • Contrast decades for continuity. When deciding which items to put out for viewing, think of recurrent themes that the company advertised and place small groups together as conversation starters.
  • Groups of cola prints propped against Coke bottles is one way to feature both collections in a practical manner.
  • Use cola bottles as flower holders at your dinner table.
  • Laminate Coke prints for use as placements appropriate for children or adults.
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