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Contemporary Floor Lamps

Contemporary floor lamps are available in a variety of silhouettes to enhance and brighten a room. Different materials and shapes help to make each one unique and they are completed by a stylish shade. Cleaning and caring for your lamp appropriately will help it function effectively.

What types of contemporary floor lamps are available?

Contemporary lighting comes in all sorts of designs and styles. Although they all fall under the same design aesthetic, clean lines and geometric shapes leave lots of possibilities. Some lamps utilize circular shapes; others are standing rectangles.

What materials are utilized to make contemporary floor lamps?

Contemporary lighting comes in all sorts of textiles, including bronze, fabric, wood, crystal, chrome, nickel, resin, glass, and plastic. Many are made from more than one sort of material with different types comprising the base, stem, and top. The body and shade may come in an array of colors including neutrals like black and white. Floor lamps may also be equipped for a variety of different kinds of light bulbs, including LED, halogen, and incandescent.

  • LED bulbs are often smaller, require less electricity to operate, and last for longer periods of time.
  • Halogen bulbs burn very brightly and use a quartz capsule to house a filament inside the bulb.
  • Incandescent bulbs are traditional and often give off a yellow-toned hue rather than an intensely white one.
What sizes do contemporary floor lamps come in?

Floor lamps come in all different sizes, often in multiples of six or twelve inches. All are relatively tall to accommodate sitting on the floor rather than a raised surface. However, some are designed for open display whereas others are created for sitting behind furniture pieces like chairs and sofas to provide light for conversation spaces. Known as arc style, these types of floor lamps may be taller and curve at the top to hover over the individuals who need it.

How do you care for contemporary floor lamps?

Care depends on the particular materials involved in lamp construction.

  • A metal lamp can be polished and should not be treated with water or moisture when it can be avoided. Use a soft, dry cloth to polish stains or blemishes out of a metal floor lamp.
  • Wooden components can be polished with wood polish and a soft, dry cloth. Take care not to scratch the wood during the cleaning process.
  • Lamps that include canvas can be spot cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and gentle soap. If that is insufficient, remove the canvas component. Press salt into the stain and let sit for several minutes. Rinse the salt away with boiling water.
  • Glass components can be cleaned using typical glass cleaner and newspaper to avoid any streaking.