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Converse Shoes for Babies

Converse Shoes for Babies

The Converse brand began in 1908 as a basketball shoe. Since then, Converse has branched out as a creator of casual footwear for all sizes. Made in many different designs, patterns, prints, and colors, Converse shoes for babies offer newborn babies and up the option to wear athletic sneakers with numerous design options and style choices.

What size Converse shoes should you order for a baby?

As far as youth, toddler, kid, baby, and infant shoes go, Converse offers an expansive variety of sizes. Their sneakers, whether for boys or for girls, would be able to be worn from the newborn stage all the way until adulthood. They have a clearly designed sizing guide that starts at 1C, which is 3-2/3 inches, and goes up to 6Y, which is 9-2/3 inches.

How do you measure a childs foot?

In order to get an accurate measurement, you will want your child to stand on a piece of paper because, if they are sitting, it can produce inaccurate measurements. Once they are standing, mark behind their heel and then in front of their big toe. Measure the distance between the two markings, and that will determine the shoe size you should purchase. It is important to note that if you are buying for a baby who cant stand, it is OK to make your markings on paper while they are lying down.

What colors and materials are Converse available in?

Converse shoes by Chuck Taylor All Star come in just about every color option imaginable. There is the brands traditional black and white option, but also red, pink, animal print, and gray as well as other colors and color combinations. Most are made out of leather, rubber, suede, or canvas material. Some kids shoes to consider include graphic patterns, such as camouflage or floral print, or even sneakers with favorite characters on them, such as Looney Tunes. There are even glitter and sequin shoes made for kids of all ages. All Converse shoes feature the brands iconic logo featuring a blue star inside of a circle.

What styles are available?

There are two primary styles of Converse: ankle height and high tops. Converse can be broken down into additional sub-categories like casual shoes, crib, athletic, booties, Mary Janes, and walking shoes. No matter the sub-category that your Chuck Taylor All Stars fall under, they will likely have the same general look of the traditional Converse style that made the brand famous. Most shoes have a lace-up closure with white laces for a snug fit and canvas lining for a soft feel. The black and navy blue options often come with black or blue laces. For young babies, sneakers with a Velcro closure are another option.

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