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Crockett & Jones Men's Boots

Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879 in the town of Northampton, England. Northamptonshire county is renowned for its tanning and cordswainer (shoemaker) industry, and some even call it the shoe capital of England. Made of various leather, Crockett & Jones men’s boots come in options like the Coniston boot, the ankle boot, and the Islay boot.

What styles of boots do Crockett & Jones make?

Crockett & Jones shoes use the Goodyear stitch and come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes. You can find boots that come to the ankle or mid-calf. They make them in a variety of leathers and finishes, including suede and shiny patent leather, to suit any occasion. Their signature style is a slim toe that hugs the tip of your foot.

How do you select a size of their men’s shoes?

Because Crockett & Jones is a British company, their shoes are sized according to U.K. standards. Generally their men's sizes are half a size below U.S. sizes, meaning that if you wear a 10.5 in a U.S. size, you would want a 10 in U.K. sizing. There are plenty of size-comparison charts available, so if you are not used to U.K. sizing, you can look up your U.S. size and find out what size you need by U.K. standards. Because Crockett & Jones boots have a slim toe and fit, it isn't recommended to select any size smaller than your usual one. Most shoes are available in half-size increments, and some have elastic sides that provide a looser, more flexible fit.

What features are available with these boots?

Crockett & Jones boots come with a variety of added features. You can find glossy black patent leather boots or suede boots with tassels. You can also find leather boots with perforated designs. All pairs of boots are specially handmade which makes each boot different.

Does Crockett & Jones make any casual boots?

As well as producing fancier boots to go with business or formal wear, Crockett & Jones makes more casual boots that would go well with khaki slacks or even jeans. They can be found in earthy tones of suede or distressed leather that looks worn and rugged. You can also find boots that have elastic sides instead of a tied closure, made to complement your everyday wardrobe. Casual shoes from the company include options like their Barnwell boot, their Bees Navy Velvet shoes, and their Cadogan shoe.

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