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Dallas Cowboys NFL Fan Apparel & Souvenirs

Since 1960, the Dallas Cowboys have been entertaining football fans in the National Football Conference with their championship game play and intense rivalries. Men and women can show their team spirit by purchasing fan apparel and souvenirs which feature the Dallas Cowboy's name, logo, and colors.

What styles are available for Dallas Cowboy apparel?

Available apparel for the Cowboys includes, but is not limited to, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets, and hats. You can search for clothing and accessories labeled with a player's name and jersey number. You may also want to consider specialty Dallas Cowboys gear from years when the team has advanced to a championship or won the Super Bowl.

How do you determine the authenticity of Dallas Cowboys jerseys?

Not every Dallas Cowboy T-shirt or jersey you see is a genuine item authorized by the NFL. Fake jerseys are manufactured by companies that have not received NFL licensing or permission. Here are a few key things to look for when trying to spot a counterfeit Dallas Cowboys jersey:

  • Team logo: If the logo doesn't look right, there's a good chance the jersey is fake. Look for the numbers and logo to be matte and smooth. They should look naturally settled.
  • Collar label: This will vary by brand name. Nike's authentic jerseys have a welded NFL shield and a collar label sewn on, which does not turn or flip up. Reebok authentic gear will be made in Vietnam, Korea, or El Salvador. The stitching will be tight and clean.
  • Hemline: A Nike hemline features the NFL shield, a green field with jersey numbers on the back, and a smooth Nike swish logo. Reebok authentic gear will have Players, Inc. with multiple colors. This will be on the hemline's right side.
Are Dallas Cowboy t-shirts available in children's sizes?

Authentic Dallas apparel and merchandise is available for both boys and girls. Unisex clothing is also available in a variety of sizes and colors. If you have an infant or toddler, t-shirts are available, which feature the team’s logo and colors. Clothing is also available for older children and adolescents.

What souvenirs are available for Dallas Cowboys fans?

Souvenirs for supporters of the Dallas Cowboys include, but are not limited to, decals for their vehicles, cups, stickers, and photos. You may be able to find an autographed souvenir from a number of current or retired Dallas Cowboys themselves. Dallas Cowboys seat cushions are also available for fans looking for added comfort as they watch sporting events from their stadium seats or bleachers.