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Decorative Bowls

With a decorative bowl, you can easily make your home look more stylish and organized. An ornamental bowl has many uses in home decor, including as a coffee-table decoration, dining-table centerpiece, or decorative candle holder. Bowls come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used to hold practical objects or decorative orbs.

What are decorative bowls made from?

  • Glass: Decorative glass is a great material for these decor objects because it comes in many colors. Glass bowls may be vase shaped or more ball shaped.
  • Wood: Wood is a common choice because it looks decorative yet natural.
  • Ceramics: Decorative ceramic options like porcelain or pottery are a great choice. Variation of this bowl are the Asian-style blue and white decorative bowls with floral motifs.
  • Stone: Another durable, natural option for decorative containers is stone.

How do you use decorative bowls in home decor?

Try these inspired design ideas to include an ornamental bowl in your home.

  • Display Bowls: A bowl filled with wax fruit or decorative items is an enticing centerpiece for any flat surface. Ceramic or glass bowls can be situated on a coffee table, dining table, or end table.
  • Storage Bowls: You can put a decorative bowl on a nightstand to hold jewelry, or this piece of decor can be put in a front entry to hold keys.
  • Accent Pieces: If your room looks bland, use a unique bowl to improve your decor. For example, a bold blue glass bowl in an all-white room can add an unexpected splash of color.

What can you put in decorative bowls?

You can put anything from candy to decorative balls in a decorative bowl. Bowl filler options include:

  • Decorative Balls: Decorative balls are one of the most common options. These balls are orbs made from bronze or other metals, mosaic glass, scrolled wood, or any other artistic material. Decorative spheres may be smooth, patterned, or textured.
  • Dried Flowers: Another nice filler for a bowl is dried flowers or greenery. These natural options can be an ideal centerpiece for table decor. They can act as potpourri to add fragrance to a space.
  • Ornaments: These decorative spheres are not just for holiday trees. Sparkling glass balls can make a pretty bowl filler.
  • Personal Belongings: A decorative glass bowl is not just for admiring. You can use it to organize and store jewelry, remote controls, or toys.
  • Treats: A decorative bowl filled with brightly colored candy or individually wrapped bars is a friendly way to welcome guests.