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A Quick Guide to Dell Computer Servers

Dell Computer Servers offer businesses value, great flexibility, and a wide selection of performance options. Whether they need an entry-level machine for businesses who've only recently migrated to server use or they need a server with real speed and caching power, more processors, and the flexibility offered by expansion and virtualization, Dell has the server to meet that business's needs. Many affordable options can be found in this eBay collection.

What are servers used for?

A computer that serves files and information to other computers is a server. Other computers called clients can connect to servers via local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN) such as the internet itself. There are different server types that offer varying features with some working as file servers, mail servers, web servers, and more. Web servers can parse different scripting languages like ASP, JSP, PHP, and more and serves web pages to computers connected to it. Mail servers manage user email accounts and receive and send messages. File servers are storage centers accessed by connected computers within local networks and require authentication for access. Offered on eBay, the right server can greatly increase a business's productivity.

How do web servers work?

Web servers, unlike standard computers, don't utilize a keyboard, monitor, or mouse. Many also lack audio and graphics cards. Servers come with a network interface, high-powered processors, incredibly fast RAM, and several hard drives. The hard drives used in servers often operate at much higher speeds than those in standard desktop computers. With the combined power of the hard drives, processors, and RAM, the server has a lot more processing power and performance to offer than that of standard computers.

How do you select the best server for your business?

The Dell server your business needs largely depends on what you intend to use it for. If you merely need to set up a file sharing system, automated backups, and light remote access for ten computers or less, an entry-level, basic server should work just fine. If your business needs an email server, a server for managing printing jobs, managing a complex database, for running intricate sophisticated server-based apps like CRM or ERP, and you'll require generous storage capacities and/or sizeable virtualization capabilities, a stronger, more full-bodied server option like a blade, rack, or tower server may be a better choice. These choices are available on eBay.

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