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Denman Brushes & Combs for All Hair Types

You can use a Denman brush to style or tame curly, kinky, or tangled hair. Each type of brush is designed to help you achieve your personal style. Denman brushes can be used with a variety of different products to help you create the style you're looking for.

What is a Denman brush used for?

Denman brushes are designed to work for those who have natural hair. When used with the correct product, your Denman brush or comb can give you curl definition or add volume to your natural hair.

What are the benefits of Denman brushes?

When you add a Denman brush for natural hair to your arsenal of hair care tools, you will find it has many benefits:

  • Less poof: Each hairbrush is designed to glide through the coils and not break them, which reduces breakage and frizz.
  • Shorter styling time: When using a brush that is specifically designed for curly and kinky hair, you should be able to save time. The hairbrush also helps evenly distributes detangling products throughout the scalp.
  • Durability: Each brush from Denman is designed to be easy to clean, keeping your styling and detangling tools more hygienic for you and your coils. The bristles can also be removed for easier cleaning.
What types of Denman brushes are there?

Denman offers a number of different brush types and bristles for natural hair and other hair types:

  • Classic: This type of hairbrush is most commonly used for styling curly hair. There are spaces between each bristle on the brush to help prevent breakage. This style of brush comes in several sizes: small, medium, large, and heavyweight.
  • Freeflow volumizing: Also designed for those with tight curls, this brush type is smaller and skinnier than the classic brush. This type of brush is intended to be used to add volume.
  • Freeflow vent: This type of brush does not have a rubber padding. The area underneath the bristles is hollow, allowing heat to travel through the brush.
  • Headhugger hot curl: This hairbrush is designed to make hair curly using heat.
  • Paddle brush: A paddle brush is made to create sleek, shiny hairstyles.
What is Type 4 hair?

Type 4 refers to natural hair that has tight coils. When using a regular brush, the coils can split or break when the teeth of the brush run through them. Denman brushes were specifically designed to be used on this hair type and to prevent damage.

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