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Dog Toys

A dog toy is any sort of toy that serves to entertain your dog. Dog toys come in an expansive amount of options. From a treat or a bone to squeakers and plush stuffed animals, all of these items can be categorized as dog toys. Some can be used for training while others help prevent boredom.

Can a toy be too big or small for a dog?

Yes, they can. Your dog should be able to get the toy in their mouth. More importantly, a dog toy can be too small for a large animal. This is extremely dangerous as it becomes a choking hazard. You can search for toys based on your pets size. Toys usually are categorized as:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large
  • XX-large
How do you know which dog toy to get?

This depends on the personality and needs of your dog. If you have a pet that is a known chewer, has a knack for destroying toys quickly, and gets bored easily, you may want to invest in a durable puzzle-type toy. These items may be something like a Kong. Kongs are made of rubber and are hollow on the inside so that you can put a treat inside and make your dog work to get it out. This serves a dual purpose. It is partially mentally stimulating as the pet tries to figure out how to get the treat and it is providing your dog with a resilient toy. If you have a dog with a lot of energy, you will likely be looking for a ball or throwing toy. If your dog has a tendency toward chewing, there are specific toys for that. These are edible and hardy, and they usually have the added benefit of being a tooth cleaner.

What factors should you consider when buying a dog toy?

There are many different factors when selecting a toy you want to last. Part of how long the product will last depends on the type of toy you get. Part of it depends on the type of dog you have. Another dynamic is how long you let your dog have access to the item.

Which dog toys are the most durable?

In a general sense, any toy categorized as rubber or as a chew toy is considered the most long-lasting. However, rope or tug of war toys can also be extremely durable if they are used correctly.