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Dooney & Bourke Vintage Leather Bags, Handbags & Cases

Dooney & Bourke Leather Vintage Handbags

The Dooney & Bourke brand has been crafting genuine leather handbags since 1975, using only the most impeccable materials and an attention to detail to bring consumers an array of bags that stand the test of time. Since the bags age so well, some of the most collectible pieces are vintage Dooney & Bourke purses from decades ago, each with their own registration number.

What Are Some Vintage Dooney & Bourke Styles?

Over the years Dooney & Bourke has expanded its selection to include a wide variety of bag types, including totes, crossbodies, clutches, satchels, wristlets, and mini bags, all crafted with the brands signature All-Weather Leather. In addition, there are a few Dooney & Bourke types that the brand was particularly known for when it first launched.

  • Saddle Bag Purse: This vintage Dooney design is a small bag with a long crossbody strap that can fit across the wearers body. With a flap that closes the bag to create an equestrian-style purse, the bag also features the iconic brown leather duck logo.
  • Shoulder Bag: A classic handbag that never goes out of style, the Dooney & Bourke leather shoulder bag has a brown leather strap that can go over your shoulder for carrying, a brown bottom, and a gold charm featuring the duck logo.
  • Bucket Bags: One of the most well-known vintage Dooneys is the Dooney & Bourke bucket bag. An oversized bag with a drawstring closure, the roomy Dooney bag features tassels, an adjustable strap, and the duck logo.

What Are Some Features of Dooney & Bourke Handbags?

Though Dooney & Bourke has been around for many years, its craftsmanship hasnt changed much. In fact, youll see some of the same features on todays handbags that you see on the vintage purses of yesterday.

  • 100% Cowhide Leather: Dooney & Bourke uses genuine cowhide leather on all its bags, wallets, and accessories, vintage as well as new. Vintage bags were created with the brands signature pebbled leather, giving them a rich texture, and the All-Weather Leather (or AWL) is waterproof.
  • Reinforced Edges: A signature of authentic Dooney & Bourke vintage leather purses is reinforcement. The company adds thick leather edges and trim to a variety of its bags to give them extra reinforcement, and some of the larger bags, like the bucket bags, have metal feet on the bottom.

What Colors and Designs Do Vintage Handbags Feature?

Today, Dooney & Bourke creates bags with multiple graphic patterns and prints as well as bold colors; however, when the brand first began, leather satchel, tote, backpack, and shoulder bag shades were limited.

  • Bright Colors: Though vintage Dooney & Bourke shoulder bags, hobo styles, and satchels werent as colorful then as they are now, you can still find retro green, red, and blue styles.
  • Neutral Designs: Some mainstay shades of the Dooney & Bourke brand include the companys neutral purses and wallets, featuring colors like black, beige, tan, ivory, and taupe.

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