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Door Hinges

A hinge is a piece of hardware that connects two objects together, allowing one or both of those objects to rotate or swing. When it comes to door hinges, the hardware attaches the door to the frame. Although most door hinges all play the same role in allowing you to enter or exit a room by opening a door, there are a variety of different types and styles of hinges.

What types of door hinges are there?

There are five main types of hinges that are commonly found on residential or commercial doors:

  • Plain bearing: This type of door hardware is made from a multi-component barrel that is all held together by a pin. Two of these hinges are installed on doors to hold the weight. They are commonly found on interior and exterior doors.
  • Butt hinge: This hinge has a raised end, called a butt, that makes it easy to remove the pin. The raised end allows you to easily replace the doors.
  • Ball-bearing hinge: These door hinges have lubricated ball bearings that make it easier to open or close heavy doors.
  • Spring hinge: These hinges, in addition to double action spring hinges, automatically close entrances after opening. They are designed to keep children and pets safe.
  • Mortise hinge: This door hinge is placed into a cutout on the doorway. They typically have a 0.25-inch to 0.625-inch rounded corner.
What materials are door hinges made of?

Most doors have hinges that are made from stainless steel due to its strength and resistant to rust. Other common materials are brass, bronze, and copper alloys. Brass and bronze hinges for doors are often used for exterior doors as they are thicker and stronger than door hinges made from stainless steel.

What should be considered when looking for door hinges?

Even though door hardware are all very similar to each other, there are still certain considerations you may want to make:

  • Use: Door hinges can be found on residential doorways, commercial doorways, cabinets, and other atypical items that may require a hinge. You want hardware that is strong enough to support the doorway.
  • Decoration and finish: Many door hinges come in a variety of finishes. For example, stainless steel hinges can be silver or brushed silver. Solid brass hinges may have a bronze finish, while satin nickel hinges have a soft, non-reflective finish.
  • Spring-loaded: If the item you need to open or close is heavy, consider hardware that takes some of the weight for you. For example, spring-loaded hinges can prevent you from pulling a muscle when trying to get through the entryway or exit.
  • Durability: If you are routinely using the doorway or there is a large amount of foot traffic, you may want to use door hinges that are thicker and more durable.

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