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Door Knockers

Door knockers are a traditional accessory for your home. You can choose designs from a simple ring to a regal lion’s head. They require only careful measurements and simple hardware to install, so they can be do-it-yourself projects.

What is the purpose of a door knocker?

Door knockers are decorative accessories and useful tools. Their traditional purpose is to rap against the door to announce your presence. You may like the appearance of having one of these embellishments at your home.

What are door knockers made of?

Door knockers are usually made of metal like iron, bronze, brass, steel, and pewter. There are a few styles available in resin or PVC. These tend to be novelty designs.

You can find metal styles in a variety of surface finishes. For example, a brass door knocker may have a bright, highly polished brass finish in either a gold or chrome color. The same style could be available in brushed nickel, satin nickel, or antique brass. Cast iron may have a classic black appearance, or a weathered, rusted look. All the combinations of materials and finishes let you find the door knocker that complements your taste.

What features should you consider for door knockers?

Door knockers may have one or two pieces. The one-piece style is fashioned so that the hinged part strikes against the bottom of the main body. The two-piece style includes a small strike plate that is mounted separately below the knocker. There is no difference in the functionality of these two designs.

Some models feature a built-in hook that allows you to hang seasonal wreaths on your door. If you enjoy wreaths, you may want to look for this feature.

If you would like to have your door knocker and peephole in a single unit, that style is also available. This saves you the trouble of having to install two separate accessories.

Can you install knockers on both solid and hollow doors?

Door knockers can be used in solid or hollow styles, although the installation method is different.

For a solid wooden door, you will attach the knocker to the surface only. You cannot use the type with a peephole with this type of installation.

  • Determine placement if you are not using the screw holes from a previous installation.
  • Measure the distance between the screw holes on the knocker, and mark them on the door.
  • Hold the door knocker in place, and attach it with the screws.
  • Test to make sure it is securely attached.

For a hollow door, or for any knocker with a peephole, you will put the mounting hardware all the way through from the interior to the exterior. This requires two people.

  • Determine placement and mark the holes.
  • Drill the necessary holes.
  • Have one person hold the door knocker to the front of the door, while another person installs the screws and the peephole from the interior side.
  • Test to be sure the installation is secure.