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Easton Baseball & Softball Catcher Protective Gear

Easton Baseball and Softball Catcher Protective Gear

Easton is an American company based in Los Angeles, California. This company produces a wide range of equipment for softball and baseball players, including gear for catchers. Search through this collection of items to find Easton baseball and softball catcher protective gear that suits your needs.

What does a catcher do in baseball?

The catcher on a baseball team is the player who catches the pitches an opposing batter misses. This player squats in front of the umpire to catch any balls that make their way past home plate. Since the catcher is in the line of fire of pitched baseballs, which can move as fast as 105 mph, the catcher is required to wear special protective gear that defends against ball impacts.

What types of catcher gear are available?

This player wears a variety of different types of protective gear, including:

  • Helmet: A helmet protects a catchers head from oncoming balls. It covers the players head from the chin up to the crown and has a metal cage around the face area to deflect balls. A helmet is usually equipped with a wide visor that affords the player a wide view of the playing field.
  • Chest protector: This piece of equipment protects the torso of the player. It ranges from the chest to the abdomen, and it is usually covered with thick rubber or another impact-absorbing material on the front section. Some chest protectors also cover the groin. Depending on the model, chest protectors may have one or two shoulder flaps. These parts strap around the players back. Chest protectors come in a variety of colors.
  • Throat guard: A throat guard is a small plastic piece that extends upward from the chest protector. This device is contoured to fit snugly around the neck of the catcher, and it protects a player from oncoming balls that would otherwise impact the throat.
  • Leg guards: Leg guards fit around the legs of a player. This type of apparatus usually ranges from the ankles to the upper thighs, and it is usually covered with hard plastic that has joints at the knees. Leg guards strap around the back of the calf, and they are available in a wide array of different color schemes.
  • Knee savers:These are cushioned pads that can be placed behind shin guards to relieve stress on the knees from crouching.

What other gear does a catcher need?

A catcher also needs to be equipped with a baseball glove. These gloves are usually made of leather, and they have webbing between the fingers that is designed to assist players in catching balls. A catcher holds this glove, also called a mitt, when squatting behind home plate while the opposing team is up at bat.

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