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Setting Style with Ecko Unltd Mens Shoes

Ecko Unltd Mens White Shoes

The 1990s saw many subcultures take prominence in the fashion world. Among those subcultures were hip-hop culture and the skate culture. This was the market targeted by Ecko Unltd and the famed Marc Ecko shoes.

What is special about the Marc Ecko shoes?

In the mid-1980s Marc began selling graffiti-style t-shirts. The popularity of this apparel led Marc to create the Ecko Unltd clothing brand. The graffiti style also led to offering fashion sneakers.

The leather street shoes he developed used the red logo featuring a rhino enclosed in an oval frame divided into four parts, presenting shoes that inspired strength and a fighting spirit. Some models were also pieces of art on their own, featuring graffiti-style words or art on the shoe uppers.

Ecko Unltd Mens Black Shoes

Are Ecko Unltd fashion shoes functional?

Ecko Unltd offered several boot styles for those wanting more than simple leather street shoes. These boots ranged from short, mid, and long uppers. They were constructed of leather uppers and usually had all-terrain outsoles, proving both style and traction.

For the sports enthusiasts, Ecko Unltd produced several styles of athletic sneakers. These included trainers, sports sneakers, and even high-top sneakers.

Are Ecko Unltd fashion sneakers still popular?

The company still operates a small line of clothing and fragrances. However, if it's the street shoes you are seeking, they haven't been produced since 2014. You will have to look for a collector if you want a pair of Cult leather sneakers or the Wallabee Walkabout boots. The brand is still big among hip-hop artists like Lecrae, Trae Tha Truth, and Cassie Veggies.

Who wears Ecko Unltd leather street shoes?

Ecko Unltd appeals most to people attracted to the hip-hop and skate cultures. However, many of these shoes work well with anyone looking to assemble a casual wardrobe.

Some of their boots are classy enough to wear in a casual work environment, as are some of their leather street shoes. Ecko eventually broke their focus on leather fashion sneakers and branched out into canvas streetstyle shoes. This shift made contributed to the shoes being more affordable and more comfortable by reducing their weight.

Ecko Unltd Mens White Shoes

How well do the Ecko Unltd street shoes fit?

Ecko Unltd shoes are very comfortable and generally fit true to size, bordering on the wide side. See the manufacturer's site for details.

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