Emerald Fine Earrings

Emerald Fine Earrings

Known for its shades of green, emerald is a gem that’s prized among precious stones. It’s the birthstone for May, and it’s said that it represents rebirth, fertility, love, and beauty. Emeralds can be found on every style of earring, from stud and hoop earrings to drop earrings.

What kind of emerald earrings are available?

Emerald stud earrings make a strong fashion statement whether the stones are faceted or polished into cabochons. You can find many styles of stud earrings, such as:

  • Synthetic, cushion-cut emerald stud earrings come in a sterling-silver basket setting
  • Oval emerald cabochon-stud earrings are set in sterling silver
  • Flower-shaped, emerald stud earrings with 14-karat, yellow-gold sepals embrace emerald petals. Tiny diamonds make up the centers.
  • Tiny elegant stud earrings feature emerald-cut emeralds. Emerald cut is a rectangular step-cut whose sharp edges are beveled.
  • Simple emerald stud earrings feature deep-green stones in 14-karat, white-gold bezel settings.
  • Emerald stud earrings are made of square-cut gems in white-gold settings.
  • Vintage stud earrings are made of radiant-cut emeralds. The settings are intricately carved.
  • Stud earrings with emeralds are nestled in 14-karat, yellow-gold openwork settings with butterfly backs.
What other types of emerald earrings can you find?

In addition to stud earrings:

  • Exotic white-topaz and emerald shield-shaped drop earrings are set in sterling silver.
  • Delicate 14-karat, white-gold, lever-back earrings are set with drops.
  • Beautiful dangle earrings with a hook closure and polished, faceted gemstones are found in buttercup settings. The top stones weigh 20 carats, and the bottom ones weigh 40 carats.
  • Swank dangle earrings are set in 14-karat yellow gold.
  • Art-deco drop earrings with gemstones come set in sterling-silver filigree.
  • Earrings with emeralds are paired with white cubic-zirconia in sterling silver.
  • Drop earrings with tiny ovals are clustered like grapes and embellished with cubic zirconia.
  • Sterling-silver drop earrings with emerald, peridot, and ruby in diamond-shaped settings are encrusted with cubic zirconia.
What kinds of gems are emeralds?

They are beryllium aluminum silicate, and the green ranges from a rich, bluish green to yellow-green. The hue depends on where the gemstone has been mined. For example, Colombian gems tend to be more blue. Other locations where emeralds are found include:

  • Brazil
  • India
  • Zimbabwe
  • Pakistan
  • Siberia
What else should you know about emeralds?

Emeralds have a glassy luster and rank 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, putting them behind corundum and diamond. Lapidists prefer straight cuts when shaping emeralds, and stones that are round and flawless tend to be unusual and sought after.

Is it easy to take care of emerald jewelry?

Emeralds typically only need occasional care. Clean the jewelry now and then with mild, soapy water. Let it air dry, then polish with a chamois cloth.