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Emerson Main Boards for Digital TV Hardware

Emerson is a Fortune 500 company that makes a variety of televisions and other electronics with digital hardware such as LCD TVs and DVD players. The digital signal of a television is produced by the main board, which has multiple built-in components with different TV functions. TV main boards for televisions by Emerson have different design configurations, and each product option has hardware that suits various series of televisions by Emerson.

What is a TV main board?

A TV main board is a board inside your Emerson television that contains multiple circuits. The circuits on this board are important because they power different parts of the hardware. The main hardware may include:

  • Power supply: This piece of hardware generates and distributes electricity to the various television components. As a power supply produces power, it converts the energy to the proper frequency, current, and voltage.
  • Sensor boards: The sensor board uses its programming with infrared technology to detect a signal. Emerson televisions that are manufactured with a remote have a sensor board.
  • VGA input: VGA input hardware has 15 pins that are divided into three rows. These pins are designed for connectors that power projectors, video cards, computer monitors, and other VGA components.
  • HDMI input: An HDMI input helps a television such as an LCD HDTV generate an HD signal received from the antenna or cable connection. The connector component on this input has ports for an HDMI cable.
  • A/V board: The audio and video port are designed with general television cables. Most televisions are built with a coax option or with ports that strategically divide the audio and video signals.
  • Tuner board: Tuner hardware detects radio frequencies and converts those specific frequencies it can use. When a tuner pinpoints most frequencies, it will convert the waves into lower frequencies to enhance processing.
  • USB input: The UBS input hardware on the main board is designed for consumer electronics accessories. Depending on the TV board, an input piece may have one port or multiple ports.
What are the designs specs for an Emerson board?

Main boards that are designed for this television brand are built on a large circuit board. The circuits, coils, and flash chip on the board power key hardware that operates an LCD television. This TV main board has a coaxial port, VGA jack, and other options so that consumers can connect traditional audio and video cords.

Where does a digital main board mount?

A TV main board mounts within the television in a dedicated docking spot. The input components on the board that connect to exterior hardware hang along the edge of the television housing on the rear portion of the frame. In order to secure a TV main board in place, soldering equipment and a screwdriver may be needed.

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