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What to Know About Choosing an Emerson TV Power Supply Board

Emerson began in St. Louis, Missouri, manufacturing electric motors. Over time, the company branched out to make many other types of equipment, including the Emerson 32 LCD HDTV. Power supply boards are available for this television.

What can cause power supply board issues?

If your Emerson TV won't power on or show a picture, it could have a malfunctioning built-in power supply board. Additional signs that a power supply board could require repair or replacement include:

  • The TV turns on, but it turns off suddenly after a short time.
  • The TV's LED power lights turn on without an accompanying picture or audio.
  • The screen flashes and flickers.
  • The TV has audio but no picture.
  • Thick vertical or horizontal lines cover the picture.
How do you select a replacement power supply board?

A power supply board replacement for an Emerson TV or LCD TV may also be used in a Magnavox or Funai television. The board should fit all specifications for your Emerson television. In order to obtain a replacement part that will work correctly, note the model and the serial number of your television and search for the replacement part using these numbers. Alternatively, remove the power board from the Emerson television and note the board's part number. The number will be printed on a bar code label that adheres to the board inside the TV.

Can universal or generic power supplies work in Emerson TVs?

The Emerson label identifies televisions made and marketed by Funai Corporation. The televisions may be similar or identical to models which are marketed as Magnavox or Funai. Power supply boards may be used in more than one of the TVs. Specifications for the power supply board must match the Emerson specifications.

Will a refurbished or recovered power board work for repairs?

Recovered power supply boards may come from TVs that have cracked screens or other defects which allow internal components to be recovered and reused or refurbished. These parts will be identified as recovered and may also be referred to as refurbished. A refurbished part has components that have been replaced and tested. All recovered/refurbished power supply parts should be identified as tested and properly rated for use in TV power unit repairs.

Are repair kits for Emerson TV power supply boards available?

Kits that may be used to repair individual components on television power supply boards may include all parts necessary for repairs. These kits should include:

  • An appropriate number of replacement capacitors.
  • Solder and a soldering iron or pen.
  • Resisters, transistors, and diodes as needed.
  • Instructions for use.
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