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Enjoy Full HD Entertainment With Emerson TV Screens

During the early 2000s, it was hard to come by affordable and easy-to-repair TVs that use LCD technology, not to mention ones larger than 32 inches. Nowadays, the competition for affordable yet crisp displays on TVs have motivated companies to pump out power efficient, affordable, yet beautiful TVs for consumers to enjoy. This only means that when the inevitable screen hardware failure occurs, you have lots of options in buying replacement TV parts, such as displays, to repair the problem.

What Must I Consider When Buying an Emerson TV Screen?

  • Main Board: The TV display is tied to the motherboard part. The parts of a TV system, namely the screen and the motherboard, are designed to work specifically with each other to deliver each frame synchronically for fluid transitions. That said, it is easy to find the right parts for your repair. Simply look at the repair, service, or user manual of your Emerson brand display to find out the part number of the panel along with the motherboard for it so that the repair project goes smoothly.
  • Resolution: To make a proper LCD screen replacement repair, you must match the resolution of the display with that of the TV model you are repairing. A mismatch will result in errors in both hardware and software, costing you money in the long run. Check the repair manual or the TV stickers to know the resolution of the LCD screen.

What Are Some Notable TV Models From the Brand?

  • LF551EM5: This large LED TV has a 1080p Full HD display along with a sleek, narrow bezel design for reducing distractions. The LCD panel is LED backlit, ensuring optimum brightness at the highest settings and with no ramp-up time when you power it on. It also has a VGA or HDMI PC input to hook it up to a media center computer, making it a flexible display for home theater use.
  • LF503EM7F: This LED TV has a two-part stand design with both feet screwing securely into the bottom housing. It has a 50-inch 1080p LED LCD screen capable of accurate color reproduction, vivid dynamic range, and high brightness that brings out every beautiful color in the spectrum. It is an ENERGY STAR qualified TV that ensures power efficiency with low standby power consumption due to its internal circuitry.
  • LD320EM5: The parts of this LED TV consist of a solid single stand and a lightweight and modestly display at 32 inches. An interesting feature is its built-in DVD player located behind the top of the screen. The remote has integrated controls for playback, making it an ideal all-in-one solution for playing your DVD collection. 

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