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Keep Track of Everything with Epson Label Printers

Epson specializes in manufacturing printers and label printers. These machines print words, numbers, and images on self-adhesive materials in order to create labels. Many models can be connected to computers or other devices through USB ports or Wi-Fi connections for use on the g, so you can keep labeling even when youre not at home or the office.

What types of ink do Epson printers use?
  • Inkjet: These printers inject ink directly onto the paper to create a label. Color cartridges come in the standard configuration with black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. The ColorWorks C7500, C7500G, and C831 are examples of inkjet label printers.
  • Digital press: These printers are often found in offices or other large spaces due to their size and production capabilities. They do not require a regular plate press since they use Epson MicroPiezo inkjet technology to press images and words onto the adhesive paper. Black, cyan, magenta, yellow, green, and orange color cartridges are required.
  • Ribbon: Found only in models for home use, this style of printing device does not require any ink to create tags. Instead, metal stamps inside this handheld device press letters and numbers onto ribbons of adhesive paper. You can enter up to four lines of text per label; however, images cannot be printed.
What are the different types of Epson printers?
  • At-home: Epson devices designed for home use are smaller than industrial or commercial printers. This is because the user must input the label information manually. The printer then presses the words onto ribbons of adhesive paper, which can be pulled off to create a label. These models typically are not Wi-Fi enabled, but most models can be connected to a computer or cellphone via a USB cord.
  • Office: Epson provides a variety of label makers intended for offices. Most of these models use inkjet technology, but press and digital-press versions are also available. All models are Wi-Fi enabled, and many feature nozzle verification technology.

See the manufacturer site for details.

What are some features of Epson label devices?
  • Wi-Fi: Some Epson models have Wi-Fi connectivity, which means they dont need to be wired to the computer or mobile device in order to print labels. This is useful in offices where several individuals print labels on a daily basis, or for individuals who work primarily from a cell phone or laptop. You will find this feature in larger label printers rather than the smaller devices although some at-home models offer limited Wi-Fi.
  • Operating systems: Epson devices are compatible with many operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista. They are also compatible with all Mac systems, including iOS.
  • LED UV ink: This is a quick-drying ink that uses PrecisionCore linehead technology. It offers water-, scratch-, and chemical-resistance once the labels are printed. This ink can be used for creating many different types of labels, especially ones that will be used outdoors.