Fisher-Price Dollhouses (1963-Now)

Fisher-Price Dollhouses (1963-Now)

Adults can enjoy the hunt for the vintage model toys, and youngsters can play with all the lifelike play accessories that come with the dollhouse toys. Fisher-Price has a long history of making dollhouses, featuring colorful furniture and multiple dolls. There are many different styles and models available in the Fisher-Price Dollhouse collections since 1963.

What are some of the Fisher-Price Dollhouse styles available?1981-1984
  • Yellow Victorian style
  • Battery-operated lights
  • Up to 17 sets of furniture and accessories
  • Pink Victorian style
  • Three stories and 24 inches tall
  • One model includes lights and furnishings
  • Several sets of furnishings and accessories
  • Called the Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse line
  • Three-level Victorian style
  • Included a 12-piece furniture set and a three-member family of dolls
  • Additional furnishings, toys, and people added through the years
  • Known as the Fisher-Price Grand Dollhouse line
  • White plastic house
  • Three levels with seven rooms
  • Included furniture and family members
  • Called the Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse line
  • Approximately 30 inches tall
  • Four levels featuring six rooms with side areas that fold outward
What kind of dolls are available with the Dollhouse collection?

The number of people available for the play house has varied over the years. The Fisher-Price Loving Family adults are about 5.5 inches tall. Doll family members include mom, dad, big sister, little brother, toddler sister, grandparents, and a gender-neutral baby. Each Fisher-Price Loving Family member is available as a Caucasian, an African-American, or a Hispanic doll. There are also various animal toys you can find, including horses, dogs, rabbits, and cats.

What kind of dollhouse furniture is available?

Throughout the years, each Fisher-Price dollhouse has had a large range of available types of furniture that reflect the style of the periods Dollhouse. The items available to furnish the Fisher-Price dollhouses with include the following:

  • Kitchen: A fridge, an oven, an island, and a high stool
  • Bedroom: A double bed, vanity with stool, and bed for the kitten
  • Laundry room: A washer, dryer, and ironing board
  • Bathroom: A tub, toilet, vanity, towel rack, and tub for baby
  • Kids room: Bunk beds, a storage cabinet, and a chair
  • Nursery: A bassinet, rocking chair, and changing table
  • Dining room: A table, two chairs, and a sideboard
  • Family room: A sofa, an ottoman, and a TV stand
  • Other toys and accessories: An outdoor barbecue, horses, and vehicles
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