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Things to Know About Fisher Vintage Amplifiers

Fisher Electronics was founded in 1945 as Fisher Radio and was named after the creator, Avery Fisher. The company, which was later sold to Japanese company Sanyo Electronics, is known for producing a range of high-fidelity, or hi-fi, audio products, and components. Fisher vintage products include a series of stereo, speaker, and vacuum tube amplifier systems.

What are Fisher amplifiers?

The amplifiers that were manufactured by the company in the 50s and 60s were electronic units that came with an optional wood cabinet cover or metal encasing. They also utilized a grey or bronze face plate for their amps. Another similar component across the brand is the FM multiplex decoder feature. The earlier amplifier systems also used vacuum tubes to boost sound quality.

When did Fisher start producing amplifiers?

The company started producing hi-fi stand-alone and integrated amplifiers in the 50s. The integrated systems incorporated both pre-amp unit and amp in a single component. Before solid-state technology, Fisher Amplifier manufactured tube-based audio amps. They also were unique in that they adopted standardized parts for their amps and similar product lines.

What are the different vintage amplifiers made by the company?

The amps manufactured by the company during the mid-20th century mostly utilized vacuum tube technology to amplify sound signals. The company produced a series of hi-fi amplifiers and tuners, including the following models:

  • Allegro X19 - This tube-based amp has a power output of 20 watts per channel. The Allegro X19 comes with an FM multiplex tuner.
  • 500 Series - This product has a power output of 35 watts per channel. Two versions of this model were introduced in the 60s: the 500B and the 500C.
  • KX-1000 - This integrated amplifier has a power output of 55 watts per channel. The KX-1000 has a frequency response of 24Hz to 20kHz and weighs around 44 lbs.
  • KX-200 Series - This wood-encased integrated amplifier has a power output of 35 watts per channel. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz
  • KX-100 Series - This integrated amplifier has a power output of 24 watts per channel and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • TX-3000 Series - Another amp series produced by the company is the TX 300. The 100 watts per channel amplifier has a transistorized stereo control feature. The metal encased amp has 21 controls and switches for regulating sound quality.
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