Groovy Girls Dolls

Groovy Girls Dolls

A Groovy Girls doll is a great gift for the groovy child in your life. There are a variety of Groovy Girls dolls available, designed to suit children with a varied number of interests. There is a wide variety of choices of dolls and accessories available.

What materials are these dolls made of?

Groovy Girls are plush dolls that typically measure 12 to 13 inches in length. The dolls are rag-doll style with soft fabric outer shells and stuffed insides. The facial features are stitched. The hair is made of string or yarn. Most dolls are completely plush while a few have wires inside to make them poseable.

What is a Groovy Girls product?

Launched in 1998 by The Manhattan Toy Company, Groovy Girls dolls are a line of plush doll toys for any youngster who loves creativity, being groovy, and thinking outside of the box. The right doll from Manhattan Toy can bring hours of fun to the Groovy Girls fan in your life. Heres what you need to know about the right Groovy Girls toy:

  • Groovy Girls are soft toys, which makes them suitable for cuddling and snuggling. If the little one in your life loves things that are soft and delicate, Groovy Girls are the right choice.
  • Groovy Girls offers more than 50 different choices when it comes to finding that special toy. No matter what style of doll you want, youre sure to find the ideal plush.
  • The collection of Groovy Girls toys doesnt just include the original plush. You can also find accessories, pets, furniture, and fashion items your little one can use for hours of adventure, imagination, and fun.
  • These products for any girl are transportable, so Groovy Girls products are great for road trips and vacations.
  • These girl dolls are designed for children who love clothing and self-expression. Groovy Girls products are also suitable for children who want to develop their self-confidence while having fun and playing with these items. If youre thinking of Groovy Girls for your next birthday party or holiday present, these are a terrific option. Groovy Girls products make unique presents because each Groovy Girls doll is versatile and varied.

Finding the right doll for the special girl in your life might seem tricky, but Groovy Girls dolls can be a very special present.

Are there some examples of Groovy Girls dolls-related accessories?

Some of the Groovy Girls dolls accessories from which you can choose include:

  • Groovy Girls Fabulous Sleep Chair
  • Groovy Girls Posh in Pink Locker
  • Groovy Girls Sweet Slumbers Bed
  • Groovy Girls Heart to Heart Sofa
  • Groovy Girls Totally Tentastic
  • Groovy Girls Shadow Horse
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