HO Scale Model Railroad Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

HO Scale Model Railroad Buildings & Structures

What model train and railroad wouldnt be complete without developing a town, city or scenic landscape for it to run through? When building a model railroad it is key to accessorize your railroad with various structures and buildings to create a complete look. It is also key to think about the type of railroad your looking to build. For example, are you looking to create a railroad from the Wild West, or a modern track that runs through a contemporary city or maybe even a scenic landscape running through the mountains. There are several things to consider when building a full scale railroad model.

Types of Railroad Model Structures

There are several types of structures that you can choose from to add to your model railroad including bridges. Bridges can add a fun element to any model railroad as the train crosses over city streets, or deep valleys, or even fast running waterways. There are many types of bridges on the market to choose from including simple wood bridges or larger metal structures. You can also find many different types of buildings to add to your scenescape including office buildings, post offices, grocery stores, homes, general stores, farms, factory and industrial plants, churches, and schools. With the extensive variety that is offered, youre able to create whatever rural or urban landscape you can think of. There are other smaller buildings and structures that can be bought to help accessorize your landscape including gazebos, outhouses, water towers, garages and power lines.

Railroad Model Materials

Depending upon how much you want to spend and the quality youre looking for, many of the railroad model buildings and accessories are made in various materials. Some of the materials used to make these structures include wood, plastic, resin, polystyrene, cardboard, brass, and tin.

Brand of Model Railroad Buildings

There are several well-known companies that produce high quality railroad model buildings and structures for your landscape. Walthers, Faller, Woodland Scenics, Atlas, Bachmann, Tyco, and Vollmer are just some of the top manufacturers that produce these items.