HO Scale Model Railroad Houses

HO Scale Model Railroad Houses

There are many components to creating a complete and realistic HO scale model train layout. In addition to HO scale track, trains, scenery, vehicles, and people, having some buildings can add to the look and help you tell a story. When it comes to HO scale structures, there are plenty to choose from, including many houses of different sizes and styles.

What are HO scale house kits are available?

As you consider the specific houses youd like to have in your model next to the railroad and train, its important to think about the types of materials these houses and buildings will be manufactured from. Different materials may require different crafting skills or different maintenance methods. Your choice may also depend on the level of detail youd like to have in certain areas of your railroad model.

  • Plastic kits: These house models typically include a bit of pre-manufactured detail. They are lightweight and are paintable with the right type of paint.
  • Wood kits: These HO scale house kits are immensely customizable. They can capture certain textures that other materials might not be able to, providing additional realism to match your model railroad and train.
  • Cardboard kits: Cardboard house kits are easily painted, allowing for customization. They can also act as a scale building base that can then be texurized to provide a variety of extra details that you may want to add to your structures.
How do you maintain HO scale houses?

Regular maintenance is important to preserve the long-term appearance of your model railroad layout. Here are some ways you can maintain your HO scale houses and buildings and the texture and weathering details you craft into them:

  • Lights Out: Though proper lighting is important to add to the atmosphere of your railroad layout, when youre not using your display, turn out the lights to help prevent fading.
  • Dust Up: Regular dusting of your train and structures is also important. Scale houses will collect dust on horizontal surfaces, crevices, and corners. Use a small paintbrush or soft cloth to carefully remove dust from tight or fragile areas. You may want to avoid using chemical-treated dusters, depending on how they might react with your models materials.
  • Control Humidity: Especially for wooden and cardboard houses, its important to control the humidity level in your modeling or crafting space while building your kit. This prevents these materials from absorbing too much moisture and keeps them standing straight and tall.