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HP Computer Power Supplies

HP computer power supplies assist in the support of the computing device that they are hooked up to. The power supply units provided by HP run at a wide variety of different wattage amounts, permitting you to select the device that fits your requirements. There are numerous form factors available with these systems, each of which correlates with a different type of case and board.

What are the different connectors on a power supply?

When you are attempting to hook up your computer to the HP power supply of your choosing, there are a large number of different connectors that you might use during the process. The most common of these is the 24-pin port. These cables provide additional energy when you’re using the PCI Express slots for the installation of an extra graphics card.

Most of these power supply units by HP also include a SATA I port, which you can use if you wish to hook your hard drive directly to the power supply. Other connections that you will want to be on the lookout for include a 6+6 pin for powering PCI expansion slots and a four-pin peripheral port that can be used for hooking up all kinds of components to the power supply, including case lighting and extra fans.

How much power is needed for an HP power supply?

When you are selecting a power supply by HP, there are a variety of different outputs provided by these devices. The wattage you require all depends on what you are using your system for. For instance, if the computer is primarily used for e-mails, browsing the internet, and writing documents, a power supply between 50 and 250 watts will provide you with everything you require. However, if you play intensive video games or use editing software on a regular basis, the wattage may need to be between 250 and 499 Watts. The total wattage available with one of these models can go higher than 1,500 Watts.

Which form factors are available with HP power systems?

When you are selecting an HP power supply for your desktop, there are a range of different form factors available to you. All form factors are a part of the AT and ATX connector types. The power supply systems provided by HP include many form factors such as BTX, EPS, FlexATX, iMac, MicroATX, and Mini-ATX; the majority of these are classified as ATX models.

ATX models utilize a 20-pin plug to connect directly to the motherboard. Most power supply devices by HP classify as ATX, but a small number use AT connectors. If you select an AT power supply, it uses two 12-pin plugs to send power through the motherboard.

er use AT connectors. If you select an AT power supply, it uses two 12-pin plugs to send power through the motherboard.