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Charge Up with HP Mini Laptop Batteries

A small portable laptop can be an easy way to take your work with you on the go. Nothing is worse than needing to complete a project and discovering that your battery won't hold a charge. When you're considering batteries for your HP Mini laptop, there are a few things you should know.

How do you tell if you need replacement batteries?

There are a few reasons that your device may not be holding a charge. If your power source and power cord are functioning properly, a damaged battery may be the most likely culprit.

  • Extreme temperatures: Exposure to excessively high or low temperatures may damage the complex components of a battery.
  • Impact damage: Dropping or hitting your laptop battery may also cause it to break.
  • Overcharge damage: One of the fastest ways to diminish a laptop battery's functionality is by overcharging your device. Consider unplugging your device's power cord when your battery is full.
  • Undercharge damage: Another way that batteries are damaged is by remaining completely drained for too long. To avoid this, don't let your computer go all of the way dead. Instead, when you notice that it's low on power, shut it off until you can charge it again. This can help to extend your battery life.
Which laptop batteries will fit an HP Mini laptop?

There are a few kinds of batteries that will fit an HP Mini laptop or other small notebook computers. Knowing what to look for is important.

  • OEM HP Mini batteries: These are batteries designed to replace lost or damaged components. OEM means original equipment manufacturer. These parts are designed to fit with a specific brand and model of computer. They can come in a few different V and mAh specifications. They should function well with your computer and charger as well.
  • Compatible batteries: Compatible computer batteries are designed to be compatible with your device but don't follow the exact design specifications of the original device maker.
How can you ensure that a laptop battery will fit?

Computers like the HP Mini can come in different models and styles.

  • Know your laptop model number: Your device may be one of any number of models in a certain brand series. To find out which model number you've got, go to your computer's settings, then select device information. You can also check the sticker that is located on the bottom of your device. If all else fails, consult your user manual.
  • Know your laptop battery model number: Different batteries have corresponding model numbers. To find out what the model of the battery you need, simply take a look at your battery. Power off and unplug your device. Then, flip it upside down and remove your existing battery from its chamber. There should be a should be a product model sticker on or under the battery.
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