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Finding the Right Windows XP Desktop or All-in-One

Choosing a PC that runs the Windows XP operating system requires that you consider exactly what you want in a home or business computer. This could mean selecting a traditional desktop model with plenty of media-friendly features or a convenient all-in-one with a slim profile that fits neatly onto your desk at work.

How Does an All-in-One Compare to a Regular Desktop?

There are many different form factors when youre selecting a Windows computer. Youve got smaller, portable computers like laptops and notebooks or more traditional machines with towers. Yet another type of computer is an all-in-one, and there are some features that may make it appealing, especially for those users with smaller spaces.

  • A traditional Windows desktop has several components that include a monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and the tower that houses the processor, disc drive, hard drive, and other important components.
  • Conversely, an all-in-one manages to consolidate all these components into the monitor, or display, meaning you dont need a tower at all.
  • The only components you have with an all-in-one are the display and any peripherals you install, such as a keyboard, mouse, or an external hard drive.

What Are Some Considerations When Buying a PC?

Looking at Windows PCs can sometimes be overwhelming, especially since there are so many decisions you have to make when buying one.

  • Youll need to decide how much memory you need. For short-term memory, which helps with everyday tasks and keeps your computer running efficiently on a daily basis, youre looking at the RAM, which ranges from models with 1 GB up to 4 or 8 GB. In cases where youre running numerous of tasks at once, you may want to consider as much as 16 GB.
  • In addition, think about the operating system. Though XP is a good option, there are later versions of Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 10, so consider the features of each version.
  • You may need to plug in some peripherals regularly, whether its external optical drives, printers, or docking stations, so you need to be sure that the Windows computer you pick has the right ports, such as USB 2.0 or 3.0, HDMI, and/or VGA.

Which Models Are Available?

Though there is a wide variety of PCs and all-in-ones available, there are a few HP Windows devices to consider.

  • The Compaq D530 offers a 2.4 GHz Intel processor, along with a 40 GB HDD and an optical drive.
  • Consider the HP Pavilion model number M7570N, which offers a 2.8 GHz Intel processor, the Windows XP operating system, and media features that allow you to integrate television with the computer.
  • The mini tower DC7800 model includes a dual-core processor with a built-in DVD-RW disk drive along with USB ports to install peripherals and other hardware. It also boasts a 160 GB hard drive.

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