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What to Know Know Before You Purchase Herman Miller Chairs and Stools

If you are looking for Herman Miller office chairs that are stylish and functional, you will be happy to know that eBays user-friendly website has a large selection of styles from which to choose. You might even find Herman Miller office chairs used or refurbished that are a perfect match for your existing decor at prices that will not break the bank.

Styles of Herman Miller chairs available

You will find a selection of two well-known models, the Herman Miller Eames office chair and the Herman Miller Aeron office chair, for sale on eBay. Some of the available options include mesh backs, lumbar supports, pneumatic lifts, and arm pads. Available styles include conference chairs, task chairs, and desk chairs.

You can create any number of combinations of options, styles, and models to fit your existing decor and business requirements. Adding optional features will let you customize your chair and add needed functionality.

What are some of the features of Herman Miller chairs?

Herman Miller office chairs and stools offer a broad set of features that make it easy to find the type of chairs you need. The following list describes the basic features of these chairs.

  • Material: The frame is often constructed of titanium, graphite, or aluminum. Mesh and leather are common materials for seats and backs.
  • Casters: This part is often made of wood or polyurethane to prevent damage to wood and carpet floors.
  • Arm Rests: Herman Miller chairs have adjustable arm rests, some of which also feature cushioned pads for added comfort.
  • Foot/Head Rests: These options are not always included with purchase, but can be added to some styles and models.
  • Positioning: Pneumatic pumps allow for easy vertical adjustment, and tilting options allow for backward and forward movement.
When are used Herman Miller chairs a good option?

Purchasing a used Herman Miller chair may be a good option if you are looking for a model that is not among the inventory of new items. Office chairs that have been gently used can be a good way to acquire office furniture at affordable prices.

If you own a Herman Miller chair that needs parts, eBay also offers a large selection of spare parts for various chair styles. You can find arm kits, pneumatic cylinders, seat replacements, lumbar support kits, tilt cables, and so much more. Purchasing individual parts can be a way to customize and add functionality to a chair you already own.

A Herman Miller Aeron office chair hydraulic cylinder OEM, for example, may be a good choice if you are looking for a way to make the position of your chair more easily adjustable. Purchasing the OEM version is a way to ensure that the cylinder has been refurbished according to the manufacturers specifications for that particular model.

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