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Hobart Commercial Vegetable Choppers & Slicers

Frequently Asked Questions About Hobart Commercial Food Choppers Cutters

Hobart is a manufacturer that produces a broad variety of items for commercial kitchens. These items can be used to prepare a high volume of food very quickly and efficiently. Each is built out of a variety of materials to ensure that they are strong enough to last for years.

What types of Hobart items are available?

If you are interested in a Hobart kitchen item, there are many from which you can choose. Each serves a specific purpose, such as cutting meat or blending ingredients. A few of their products include:

  • Food processors
  • Food cutters
  • Buffalo choppers
  • Meat slicers
  • Stainless-steel knives
How large are these food preparers?

Most Hobart food processors and food cutters come in a variety of different sizes. These are designed to suit the needs of multiple types of kitchens. For example, 12-inch cutters allow you to create detailed and high-quality cuts of meat and other kinds of vegetables.

However, there are also larger items, like Buffalo choppers, which are used to prepare an even more significant amount of food. These items are designed to cut large quantities of meat or vegetables at the same time, making it easy for commercial kitchens to prepare multiple dishes.

What materials are used for these kitchen items?

Aluminum is probably the most common type of material used for these items. For example, many cutters and food processors have aluminum housing to ensure that they dont rust. Aluminum is also a little lighter than other types of metals, making these items easier to move.

However, other products are made out of stainless steel. For example, stainless-steel knives and stainless-steel bowls are produced by Hobart for a variety of different uses. Some stainless-steel bowls even come with bowl covers to ensure that your food is protected from the environment.

What power level is available for these units?

The power levels of your slicers, Buffalo choppers, and food cutters will vary. For example, most Buffalo choppers are going to have over 115 volts powering them. This power level means that they provide a high level of cutting that ensures your food is cut well.

However, smaller slicers and cutters may use less power. Thats because they are designed for more hands-on work, such as slicing an individual carrot or one piece of meat. That said, higher-powered variations are available from this manufacturer.

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