Home Audio Power Amplifiers 2.1 Channel

Home Audio Power Amplifiers with 2.1 Channels

There are two different ways that amplifiers are constructed. You can have pre-amplifier and separate stereo amplifier or power amps, or you can have all the components (pre-amps and the power amplifier) combining into one integrated system. Choosing which kind of amp system fits your needs will depend on what kind of audio media you plan to use the stereo equipment for. You can also adapt an existing system to be Bluetooth compatible, giving you even more versatility.

What are the Common Components of Amplifiers to Look for?

In the process of picking a home audio system, it helps to understand some of the options available and parts that make up an amplifier.

  • The preamplifier accepts all the inputs from your music source, whatever the form of audio recording you are using, from vinyl records on a Hi-Fi turntable to your smart phone connecting through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless connection.
  • The power amplifier is the part that generates the watts it needs to drive the audio feed through your speakers.
  • An integrated amplifier has both the preamplifier and power amplifier in one unit.

Why Choose a 2.1-Channel Amplifier for the Home Theater or Home Audio Amplifier?

Two channels are the minimum that you need to create stereo sound, and you can get either a 2.0 (receiver based) or 2.1 (amplifier) model. The advantage of 2.1 is that you can add a subwoofer to the system for extra depth of sound quality.

  • You will not need loads of speakers and wires in order to get a decent output of sound in the home theater, but it will not have the same Hi-Fi experience you might get with multi-zone system of speakers. If that up is what you are looking for, start with a five-channel amp.
  • If you are not looking to over-spend on setting up a home theater system, a 2.1 model will support the minimum amount of equipment you need to have a high-performance audio experience.
  • You can also purchase AV Receivers with 2.1 channels to communicate wirelessly with your speakers and your smart phone so that you can play your favorite music on your home stereo system and stay mobile with your phone at the same time. Some models can also connect via an optical TOSLINK cable to your AirPort Express or Apple TV. If the amplifier you have is not already Bluetooth enabled, you can also purchase a Bluetooth adapter, which will translate the signal from your phone into something that the audio input of the amplifier will recognize.