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Inflatable Spas and Hot Tubs: A Buyers Guide

If youre a fan of spas and hot tubs, then one of the many great portable spas on eBay may be a good idea in your patio or backyard. A session in a hot tub or Jacuzzi is not only relaxing, but it may also improve your overall health. Using a hot tub from eBay can free you from feeling stressed or anxious, and it can improve the quality of your skin and relieve chronic pain.

How is an inflatable hot tub like a permanent tub?

Inflatable tubs can make powerful bubbles, circulate water, and heat the water all while constantly filtering the water and providing support for your back. You can do this as you sit and relax alone or with others. Portable spas also come in many different sizes. The small models can fit two people, and large models can typically fit eight.

Can you control the water temperature?

Many spas comes with temperature controls. Some have both Fahrenheit and Celsius displays. 104 degrees Fahrenheit is usually the maximum.

What should you know when setting up a portable spa?

Make sure that there are power, water, and drainage sources nearby before setting up. Add water to your spa after youve placed it where you plan to use it. You can change the way the floor of your hot tub feels according to where you place it, preferably in a shaded area.

Setup doesnt take much time and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Wait until your spa is filled to the minimum water level before you start to heat the water.

How do you take care of a portable hot tub?

Inflatable spas require basic maintenance just like a real spa. The following are some tips to help you keep your spa in good shape:

  • Keep your spa covered with the lid provided when its not being used. This will offer protection if pets or children try to play with it and will also keep out insects and foreign objects.
  • Dont use any objects in your spa that could puncture it.
  • Use the appropriate sanitizers to purify the water, and make a mental note of which type your spa will need. With bromine and minerals, for instance, the bromine will have to be replaced approximately once per month and the minerals about every three months.
  • Deflate the spa in the wintertime or during the off-season when you are not using it.