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Human Touch Electric Massage Chairs

The daily stresses of life can easily get your muscles all knotted up and cause lots of discomfort. Human Touch produces a range of massage chairs that allow you to recline and receive massages at home. How do Human Touch massage chairs work?Human Touch massage chairs are designed to mimic the different techniques of a massage therapist. Different types of Human Touch chairs or machines can perform kneading, gliding, and compression techniques. Some of these chairs use different types of rollers to massage users, while others use air bags or cylinders. Many of these massage chairs can also recline. What are the different Human Touch chairs and massagers?The Human Touch chair line includes several recliners, such as the WholeBody, Zero Gravity, Perfect Chair, ThermoStretch, AcuTouch, Novo, Opus, Bali, Navitas Sleep, iJoy, and Forti models. The line also includes the Reflex and Cirqlation models, which are designed specifically for foot and calf massage. The iJoy back massage model is portable.All of these chair models recline, but the portable iJoy and the foot and calf models are all separate pieces. What are the benefits of having a home massage chair?
  • Save money: The initial cost of a massage chair can be less expensive overall than going to the spa and having to pay for each massage session over time.
  • Less effort: You won’t have to drive anywhere for your services. Your chair is available at whatever time is convenient for you.
  • More privacy: You can wear whatever you want, stay in place as long as you want, or take a nap in the chair. Massage chairs also work for people who simply don’t like to be touched and who prefer not to go to therapists for their services.
What are the other features of these massage chairs?Human Touch chairs come upholstered with faux suede or leather. These massage chairs are available in a range of colors, including espresso, black, bone, red, beige, gray, and ivory. There are chair models that come with cup holders or remote controls. Some of these chairs also have heat settings, while others can provide Shiatsu massage. Some Human Touch chairs come with Acupoint technology to provide acupressure.Most Human Touch chairs can be adjusted to fit a particular user's height. Several of these chair models come pre-programmed with three or four different massage settings. Some are available with ottomans. Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Human Touch.