Indian Antique Pots

Antiques are rare and hard-to-find items that were made decades or even hundreds of years ago. The older an item, the more expensive it is. However, it also depends on the design, the people who made them, and the current status of the item. Does it look brand new? Has it been restored? Are there any damages? A licensed appraisal specialist can help you determine the value of the antique Indian pot and maybe even give you a lesson on where it originated.

What Do I Need to Know About Collecting Indian Vases and Pots?

Collectors buy antiques at auctions or in the most unexpected places like flea markets and garage sales. If you want to start collecting antique Indian pots, here is what you need to know:

  • Not all pots are for sale. Before you buy an antique Indian pot, you must check and see if their government or established religious groups are looking for an artifact. The reason is that some antiques are supposed to stay in their museums or temples.
  • Antique Indian pots have a history. Antiques are not just for decor. They tell a story––one that can be passed on one day to keep the item's history alive.
  • Cleaning these items is an investment. You may be tempted to use a generic metal polisher and a rag to clean your antique pots and vases; however, they require a much more delicate touch. You should use specialized equipment to keep your antiques in good condition.

How Do I Know If An Antique is Real?

Be careful about your purchases and don't buy out of impulse. Even if you are bidding in an auction and are in a race against time, it is best to do your research about the seller, the item, and its authenticity.

  • Legitimate sellers will show you a certificate of authenticity given out by licensed antique appraisers.
  • Compare the images of the item being sold with archived images of the antique in books and academic sites. If there is a slight difference––not damage, mind you––between the two such as a differently-placed handle or a design that is not in the right place, ask before buying.