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Learn More About Industrial Embroidery Machines

Industrial embroidery machines are designed for speed and efficiency, so you can power through high-volume stitching projects. Whether you?re outfitting a small home business or a large commercial enterprise, these powerful machines can help you amp up productivity. Use eBay to find a model with a size and capacity that suits your stitching needs.

What is laser positioning?

These systems use carefully calibrated lasers to create the perfect alignment. This makes it easy to position the item that you?re embroidering. That way, when you?re embroidering large quantities, the design appears in the same place on each item.

How can you operate a commercial embroidery system?

Usually, commercial machines are computerized. Some models use a touchscreen to help you select designs and control the project. Others connect to a laptop or tablet to provide more space for controls. These digital systems usually allow you to control all aspects of an embroidery project, from thread selection to the position of the design.

How can you add designs to a machine?

Since these devices are computerized, adding new designs is relatively simple. Depending on the model, you might load in the digital design file using a USB drive, a data transfer cable, or a CD. Then, you can simply access the file using the controls. This enables you to embroider custom designs or use purchased design files.

What is the advantage of a multi-head system?

Industrial machines often come with more than one head. This means that it can process multiple pieces at the same time, which increases your productivity. These models can be useful if your company handles high-volume orders that use the same design.

How can you choose the right commercial embroidery machine?

The right machine can make a big difference in your embroidery business. Use these steps to narrow down the options and find the best solution for you:

  • Select the number of heads: Choose from models with single or multiple heads. The more heads you have, the faster you can complete projects. If your business handles short-run projects, single head models can provide the flexibility you need.
  • Determine the number of needles: Commercial models come with a variety of needle quantities, including 12, 16, and more.
  • Choose a brand: Companies that make commercial devices include Tajima, Brother, Barudan, and more.
  • Pick special features: Look for features like automatic threading, touchscreen controls, high-speed stitching, break detection, and more.