Interior Parts for the Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 is part of the companys line of full-size, heavy-duty trucks. Sometimes, you may need to replace some of its interior parts. Whether a part has broken and you need to replace it or you need to upgrade, you can find interior parts to fit your truck.

What options are available for dash parts?

There is a range of interior parts for the dashboard or console area of your Dodge Ram 1500. You may wish to replace nonfunctional parts or swap their current look for something new that better reflects your style. Some common parts you can get for this area of your truck include the following:

  • Center console - The center console parts are compatible with any Dodge Ram 1500 model and include cutouts for the instruments, dials to control them, and clips that snap the cover into place.
  • Board bezel - This item will fit over the front of your dash while leaving openings for the air vents and other instruments that are there.
  • Dash cover - This part will fit over the top of your entire dashboard.
Can you replace interior switches and controls?

The interior switches in your truck are mechanical devices and can become worn or malfunction over time. If any of these controls are not working for you, you can find new and used replacements on eBay. Some common interior switches that are compatible with the Dodge Ram 1500 include the following:

  • Ignition - If youre having trouble starting your truck, you may need to replace a faulty ignition switch.
  • Windows - If your power windows are stuck in one position, its important to purchase replacements to protect you and the interior of your Ram 1500 from the elements. You can buy these switches for each door and a master set for the drivers side.
  • Heat - Being able to control the heat inside your cab is important. Check out replacement controls if you cannot adjust the heat.
Are floor mats available in different materials?

Floor mats can add some style to your truck interior with specific colors or designs, but they can also keep mud and other debris off the floor. Floor mats come in two primary materials:

  • Rubber - You can get a rubber mat that is rough and intended to resist taking on mud and dirt.
  • Carpet - A mat made from carpet will be softer than one made using rubber materials. You may be able to find these mats in a range of colors to go with the interior of your Dodge.
How do you choose a fitment type?

The fitment type you choose will depend on the purpose of your interior parts. If you like the parts you are already using in your vehicle, you can purchase direct replacements. These parts will have the same standards and specifications as the original items. You can also choose from custom parts that may include different materials, customized logos, or unique design elements.