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Transfer Important Photos and Videos From Your Camera to Your Ipad With This Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Transferring photos to or from your iPad to your camera or SD card is a snap with this Apple iPad camera connection kit. Compatible with any 30-pin iPad, you simply plug it in, and you can transfer photos and videos between your camera or SD card and iPad. You can find affordable new and pre-owned camera connection kits on eBay.

What does this ipad camera connection kit do?

Here's a quick look at what you can do:

  • Transfer: Transfer all or just select photos/videos from SD cards.
  • Delete: Delete photos from SD cards once transferred.
  • Connect: Directly connect to your camera or SD card.

Including both USB and SD adaptors, you can easily connect it to your iPad and camera or SD card. Photos and HD videos are then transferred from your iPad to camera/SD card or vice-versa. This works by directly connecting your camera/SD card to your iPad, allowing for on-the-go transferring and eliminating the need for the "middleman" computer. You will only be able to transfer pictures to your iPad when it is connected to the camera.

Is this kit limited to transferring pictures between devices?

No, it's not. The Apple camera connection kit allows you to connect many different devices to your iPad or 30-pin iPhone. This flexibility allows you to utilize many exciting apps such as Garage Band and voice recorder on your iPad and iPhone. Here are just a few of your connection capabilities:

  • Ethernet adaptors
  • Bar code scanners
  • Audio and MIDI instruments
  • iPhones
What additional items should you purchase for the camera connector?

This iPad camera connection kit comes with all that you need for a fairly cheap price. Both the SD card and USB connectors directly connect to your 30-pin iPad or iPhone. The only additional cords that might be required would depend on what you are connecting to. For example, a bar code scanner would need a USB cable to attach to your connector. If your camera uses a micro SD card, you will need an adapter in order to transfer pictures with the SD outlet.

Can you preview photos as they are taken?

In order to preview pictures on an iPad before you take them with your camera, you need to purchase a tethering kit. Have no fear of missing out, though. Like this camera connection kit, eBay has any components you may need. The large inventory on eBay ranges from brand new items to slightly used items in multiple price ranges to fit all budgets.

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