Iron-On Printing Paper

If you have a logo or design that you’d like to place on a T-shirt, you can use iron-on transfer paper to transfer your image from the paper to the fabric. Instead of spending to have a design professionally embroidered onto your T-shirts, you can use these sheets of transfer paper and iron the logos onto your T-shirts. All you need is a way to print, a few sheets of iron-on transfer paper, T-shirts or fabric, and an iron.

How do you transfer the image to a T-shirt?

You’ll need to take your sheets of transfer paper and follow the instructions to properly load them into an Inkjet printer. Once the image is printed, let the transfer paper sit for a minute or two to be sure the ink is completely dry. Carefully cut off any excess paper around the image and position it in the desired spot on the shirt with the image facing down. Use your iron to heat the transfer paper in order to transfer your image to the fabric. Make sure you apply a firm pressure with the iron and heat every section of the image. Gently peel the transfer paper off of the shirt to reveal your image.

What kind of printer do you need for transfer sheets?

Most of the sheets used to transfer images are compatible with Inkjet printers. Depending on the ink used, laser printers can also work, but Inkjet seems to be the most common type. The ink cartridges in inkjet printers can also be replaced with higher or lower pigments for colored images.

What fabric should be used for iron-on transfers?

Iron-on transfers will resist peeling or flaking when they're properly heated with an iron and placed onto the right texture. For crisp and clear iron-on transfers, using cotton and polyester fabrics is a good idea because they have a better chance of lasting longer compared to canvas and denim materials. The fibers in cotton and polyester allow the iron-on transfers to effectively coat the material, making the transfer stronger and more durable.

Is it easy to prevent an image from appearing backward?

Backward images usually aren’t a big deal for iron-on transfers, but it pays to make sure that letters and numbers transfer on correctly. In order to prevent backward lettering, you can simply set your printer to mirror-image so that it will correctly orient your letters. You could also flip the image before printing it onto the paper.