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Jabra Cell Phone Car Speakerphones

What You Should Know About Jabra Bluetooth Car Speakerphones

Car speakerphones can give you the ability to talk on the phone and drive hands-free. These wireless devices can easily be installed into your vehicle. The speakers come with many features, so heres some information to help you decide which Jabra stereo device is for you.

Do the hands-free speakers have voice command options?

Yes. The voice control mode allows you to access both Siri and Android voice engines. You can also control the Jabra hands-free device by the use of your voice to answer calls, ignore calls, pair other phones, and access other phone voice commands.

Do the wireless speakerphones need to be charged?

Yes. The device is not connected to your car battery. With continued use, the battery will eventually deplete. Many batteries can last for up to 20 hours of talk time and can have a standby time of up to 45 hours. When it is time to charge the wireless device, you can plug the device into the car charger via a USB charging port.

What are some features of the Freeway Bluetooth devices?

Some features of this wireless speaker include:

  • Surround sound: Three speakers assist with virtual stereo surround sound.
  • Streaming: Stream music, podcasts, and GPS audio from Bluetooth connected devices. There is an onboard FM transmitter that sends music and phone calls to your car radio to accommodate your listening and telephone preferences.
  • Talk time: You have up to 14 hours of talk time before you will need to charge your device. Along with this, you have 960 hours of standby so the speakerphone will be available when you need it. The 960 hours are the equivalent of 40 full days of reserve time.
  • Noise cancellations: Some systems come with dual microphone noise cancellation features to eliminate unwanted background noise that may stem from children, pets, wind, or other environmental elements.
  • The overall stereo design is often constructed in a black color scheme.
Are you able to connect two devices at once?

Some hands-free devices do offer this feature. With Multiuse modes, you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for audio, podcast, and GPS directional playback streaming.

What are some different models offered by this brand?

The different wireless models offered include:

  • The Tour In-Car Bluetooth
  • The In-Car Drive Bluetooth
  • The In-Car Cruiser Bluetooth
  • The SP200 In-Car Bluetooth
  • The SP700 In-Car Bluetooth
  • The Journey In-Car Bluetooth
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