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Amplifiers That Provide Stereo Inside and Outside Your Boat

When on the water, you can take your favorite audio with you. KICKER marine amplifiers are available in a range of sizes and power wattages to accommodate small and larger vessels. With a large variety of models to choose from, you can crank out the sound when lounging on a deck or fishing seaways and lakes.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Marine Amplifiers?

The amount of watts and ohms you need depends on whether you normally dock your boat on a quiet creek or busy marina. Likewise, smaller boats need less RMS power output compared to an expansively-sized yacht. Consider whether you need a two-channel or larger amplifier to grow your marine stereo system. You'll need more sound if you run your boat at full throttle versus meandering through waterways. Likewise, the amp should have an adequate amount of inputs to attach players, phones, and tablets.

What Are Some Notable KICKER Amplifiers?

  • KM Series 600.1: 600.1 amplifiers are designed to make bass tones sound bigger with one 600-watt channel. The built-in subsonic filter is set at 25 Hz so lower frequencies aren't picked up by a subwoofer. The unit has RCA outputs to attach a turntable or DVD player.
  • Other KM Series Options: Other amps include a 150.2 two-channel amp that delivers 75 watts per channel or you can bridge the total 150 watts into one channel. Likewise, the 12dB built-in crossover allows you to choose between low-pass, high-pass, or all-pass frequencies. Select model 300.4 to power up to eight speakers and a 450.6 amp to power speakers in three different zones.
  • KXM Series: Made to be used around water, these marine amplifiers range in size from 400 to 1200 RMS power watts available in six models. KXM models have a control cover to keep settings hidden and protect internal components. Select 800 and 1200-watt amps with KickEQ+ technology to bump up the sound by 18dB when turning a knob.

How Do You Use the Marine Amplifiers?

Set up the one-channel 600.1 model on the boat deck to rock out favorite tunes in wide open spaces. The amplifiers are entirely weather-resistant and tested to hold up to saltwater, fog, and UV light. You can place 150.2 amps in private sleeping areas or a gallery kitchen, whether you like your music soft or loud. Moreover, you can host a party using larger KXM series amps and pipe music to boat decks, locations inside, and the marina boat dock when moored.