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Kangol Men's Polyester Hats

One way to accentuate your wardrobe is by wearing a hat or cap. You can use this accessory to fit your personality, fashion sense, and add a bit of flair to your style. Kangol has many different types of hats available in its lineup. They come in styles such as baseball, flat, beret, trilby, and bucket hats.

What types of Kangol hats are there?

Types vary seasonally, but there is a handful that reappear frequently. One hat in its lineup is the ivy cap, which is also known as a newsboy, cabbie, Gatsby, sixpence, or paddy hat. It has a rounded shape, a fairly flat crown, and stiff front brim.

Kangol also makes fedoras and trilbies, using the name interchangeably. The fedoras and trilbies have high crowns with teardrop dents, diamond shapes, or center dents. The brims are flat and wide enough to flip up or down. Its bowl hats, or bowlers, have large, bowl-shaped crowns and upturned brims, and the brand also has bucket hats, snapback and fitted baseball caps, and knitted skull caps.

What is Kangol Tropic?

Tropic denotes a type of proprietary Kangol yarn. It is a blend of polyester and chlorofiber. Chlorofiber comes from PVC, a plastic polymer. In its fibrous form, it is soft and breathable, and Tropic yarn keeps warm-weather Kangol hats lightweight and shapely despite exposure to humidity and the elements. In addition, Tropic yarn has a long shelf life. It is designed to keep a hat wearable for a longer period of time.

How does Kangol FlexFit adjust?

FlexFit is a headband. It is usually a component of Kangol baseball caps and cadet hats. The FlexFit headband spans the back of the hat's crown, often concealed by a small overlapping band of fabric. The headband stretches to accommodate a wide variety of head sizes. It is designed to provide a very close, comfortable fit so that your hat will stay on when you are working or playing.

What is Kangol’s Ventair technology?

"Ventair" refers to a hat ventilation system unique to Kangol, especially the ivy caps. It entails a series of tiny vents arrayed in a band shape that spans the entire circumference of the cap's sloped crown. Its structure is similar to fine mesh, except the perforations look like a textural, aesthetic component of the hat. As a result, Ventair enables liberal airflow to cool your scalp, dry your sweat, and reduce odor-causing bacteria. It simultaneously resembles the traditional, vented silhouette of a lightweight woven or stitched Cuban hat.

How do you find the right size in Kangol hats?

Kangol caps, berets, and beanies have letter sizes that correspond to fitted hat sizes and head measurements in inches. There are no sizing standards. The following measurements are rough estimates that most hats conform to:

  • Small: 21 1/8 to 21 1/2 inches
  • Medium: 21 7/8 to 22 1/4 inches
  • Large: 22 5/8 to 23 inches
  • Extra large: 23 1/2 to 23 7/8 inches
  • 2XL: 24 1/4 to 24 5/8 inches
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