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Keep Your Clothes Clean with Kenmore Washer and Dryer Combination Sets

The Kenmore brand is known for washers and dryers that meet a variety of customers' laundry needs. Whether you are looking for a washer and dryer set, a stacked washer and dryer, or a washer and dryer combo, you can find new and second-hand Kenmore appliances on eBay.

What are the features of Kenmore side-by-side washers and dryers?
  • Capacity: In their side-by-side models, Kenmore offers washers and dryers suited to fit many load sizes. Starting at 3.5 cubic feet, these machines are meant for households that often have larger loads of laundry.
  • Scheduling: Many Kenmore washers are programmable and feature a timer that gives you full control over your washer and its cycles, so you can begin running your machine at a time that's convenient for you.
  • Moisture detection: Similar to the washers, Kenmore dryers also have their own convenient features. For example, some machines have built-in sensors to detect moisture and will adjust drying settings accordingly.
What are features of Kenmore stacked washer and dryer sets?
  • Space-saving: Kenmore's stacked washer and dryer sets are designed for use in limited spaces, such as condos, apartments, or small townhomes. Kenmore designed these washers and dryers to be conveniently stacked appliances that take up less floor space.
  • Power: For many of these Kenmore stack machines, there is a "Dual Action" agitator feature that provides double the washing power while still being gentle with clothes.
  • No-guess drying: Similar to the standalone dryers, Kenmore offers a "no guess" temperature feature on the dryers in many of their stacking sets. This feature uses a sensor to gauge how dry the clothes are and adjusts the settings as it dries to maximize efficiency and to save energy.
What are features of Kenmore washer and dryer combos?
  • Saved space: Using less space is one of the top features of combo appliances. If you are limited in space, have a smaller home, or just want to have one fewer machine, then this appliance may be right for you. You only need enough space to fit a washer, and it does not require a 240-volt outlet.
  • Less power consumption: Having a combo can reduce your power consumption and, depending on your laundry needs, may lower your energy costs.
  • Water-saving efficiency: Kenmore washer and dryer combos are designed to allow for greater water efficiency using features similar to the water-saving functionality in the brand's standard front-loading washers.
  • Full functionality: With a combo, you do not have to transfer your laundry to a separate machine for drying. When the washer is done, keep your load in the machine, and simply let the drying process take over. Similar to traditional Kenmore washer and dryer sets, combo units are also programmable and allow you to schedule your washer and dryer cycles.
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