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Kenwood 7

Improve Your Cars "Infotainment" System with a 7-inch GPS Video In-Dash Unit

You can perform many interior upgrades to improve the look, feel, and function of your car. One of these key upgrades is the in-dash unit. Swapping out an old stereo system with a newer one equipped with helpful features can revolutionize your driving experience in many ways, and one of them is being able to navigate to your destination through precise directions on a video interface.

What Are Standard Features of GPS Video In-Dash Units?

  • GPS and Navigation System: These devices can communicate with satellites to calculate your location precisely, which enables the navigation system to direct you to the proper place. The GPS also calculates your distance through a complex system using microwave signals to help calculate speed, distance, time, location, and direction with relative accuracy. A GPS navigation system allows you to feel at ease wherever you travel because directions are just a few taps away.
  • Radio: A radio is essential for both information and entertainment. An HD radio system like ones on Kenwood models catches the signals transmitted by stations in your locale through a separate antenna and receiver that you have to connect to the appropriate plugs behind the unit. These devices usually have Bluetooth for both navigation and audio playback.
  • Video Output: To augment the GPS and navigation system, a 7-inch screen is incorporated into these receivers so that navigation is intuitive. Apart from aiding in navigation, the unit can output video from the disc player and TV connectors for added entertainment value.
  • Double Din: The Double DIN format refers to the amount of space occupied by a unit. A single DIN is 2-inches tall and 8 inches wide, while a Double DIN is 4 inches tall. DIN, which stands for Deutsch Industrie Normen, is used to standardize the radios in some European vehicles.

What Are Some Notable Kenwood 7-inch In-Dash Units?

  • DMX7704S: This receiver is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, making it a flexible option for any user. It has Bluetooth connectivity for up to two phones, a dual USB interface along with Rapid Charge capabilities.
  • DNX995S: This one is part of the eXcelon lineup of In-Dash receivers. It has an HD display with a capacitive touch panel along with a built-in GPS navigation service, Bluetooth, and USB compatibility. It can also get navigation through your phone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. eXcelon units have 6-channel preamp output rated at 4 volts for improved sound quality over its standard counterparts. 
  • DDX795: This has a built-in HD radio and can navigate via GPS and other navigation apps and services. It also has Bluetooth along with two RCA Video inputs or rear-view cameras along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

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