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Do You Need a CD Changer?

Like many, you may have a lot of CDs that you've collected over the years that you still like to play on a CD player. Rather than having a player that plays only one disc at a time, you can find a CD changer from Kenwood that can hold three, five, or even 200 CDs at once. Depending on the specifications, a new CD changer may be able to play store-bought music CDs, as well as CD-R and CD-RW discs as well. This means that you can play all of your music on one dedicated player.

What are the Benefits of a Kenwood CD Changer?

A CD changer allows you to load multiple CDs to play and connect to your speaker system. This is convenient for two main reasons:

  • Continuous music: When you are entertaining or having a party, the last thing you want to bother yourself with is having to change the music once a CD finishes. A CD changer will simply skip to the next CD to avoid having that awkward silence lingering.
  • Shuffle play and programming: When you don't want to listen to the same artist over and over and you don't have any mix CDs, you can set your CD changer on shuffle or other such program so that you can hear a good mix of music over the course of the day or night. While there may be some small gaps between songs while CDs are changing over, you don't need to worry about sitting by the CD player and manually changing yourself.

Can You Have a CD Changer for Your Car?

As well as having a CD changer in your home, you can also have one in your car. These are a great for when you are traveling long distances and know that you will be needing hours of music at your fingertips, without having to stop to change the CD. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can be dangerous, so having a pre-loaded car CD changer can help avoid any potential issues. You are able to control the playback and audio from either the in-dash unit or from a remote control installed on your steering wheel. There are two places where a CD changer can go:

  • Remote unit: A remote changer will usually sit in either the backseat or trunk of your car, and you can load it up with CDs before setting off on your journey. The disc CD changer will need wiring into your dash unit.
  • In-dash unit: An in-dash unit will have the changer on the dash but will usually hold less CDs than a remote unit.