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L.A. Colors Nail Polish

L.A. Colors is a brand that offers fun options for nail polish lovers. These nail polishes come in a range of colors as well as product types. They are designed to give salon results at home.

How do you choose a nail polish?

Choosing a nail polish involves more than just picking a color you like. You also need to consider how your nails will look with the clothing you wear and how the polish will suit your activities. A bright and bold color might look nice on a night out but not look right at work during the day. You also need to consider how long the polish will last on your nails.

What is Color Last polish?

Color Last is a line of nail polish that L.A. Colors designed for women who dislike chipped nails. It comes in more than 20 colors and shades, including blue, pink, and black. You can also opt for a clear polish that seals any color you use on your nails. These beauty products are formulated to last up to 10 days without chipping.

What is the Color Craze line?

L.A. Colors also makes a line called Color Craze that is intended to make home manicures easier. This line includes a series of gel nail polish shades that dry quickly. This line leaves behind a lacquer finish that looks like gel, but you do not need to use a UV light. Nail polish is also available from the standard Color Craze line. These L.A. Colors beauty products contain hardeners that can harden your nails over time. The colors also work with current trends. You can pick a basic shade or a color with glitter added.

How should you paint your nails at home?

Options for painting your nails at home include adding decorative images as a fun way to keep up with trends. You can create this look in just a few steps using nail polish from L.A. Colors.

  • Clean your nails: Clean your nails and remove any existing nail polish. Make sure your hands are completely dry before continuing.
  • Start with a base layer: Apply a base coat of nail polish such as a Color Craze polish. After the first coat dries, you can apply a second. If your nails feel tacky or sticky, let the nail polish dry longer.
  • Add decorations:There are a few different ways that you can add designs. You might use a black Color Craze nail polish in black to accent a color. Using the same tools a manicure artist might use lets you draw a design on your nails in seconds. L.A. Colors makes a line of Art Deco nail polish that comes with a small, thin brush inside. This nail polish makes it easier for you to draw designs on your nails. You can pick from colors like black, white, dark blue, silver or gold glitter, and red glitter.
  • Add a top coat: Finish your home manicure by applying a coat of Color Craze clear nail polish to your nails. Color Craze clear products give your nails a strong, glossy lacquer finish.
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