Keep Your Phone Running Well With LCD Screens for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a phone that uses an LCD screen to display a broad array of information. Understanding LCD screens for Samsung Galaxy S5 phones will help you decide if this product works for you.

How many colors are available?

When you buy a screen for your Samsung Galaxy phone, you have several color options. While the screen itself is clear to allow for easy viewing, the frame surrounding it comes in a variety of colors such as:

  • black
  • blue
  • gold
  • gray
  • green
  • silver
  • white

Do these screens work with multiple models?

There are also multi-color options that mix different design elements, such as text, logo, or even simple geometric styles.

The technology behind these display units is designed to make them compatible with many different phone models. That's because it uses a variety of basic computer chips and a simple motherboard design. These elements make it effortless to slip different screens on and off of your phones.

For example, you could swap a screen found on a G900A with the one you removed from a G900T. While these different models may have slight design element changes, such as different button layouts, this won't affect the adaptability of the screen types.

What sizes are available for these screens?

A Galaxy Smartphone is about 5.59 by 2.85 by 0.31 inches. Typically, this screen will sit comfortably in a 5.1-inch range. However, it is possible for these items to be slightly different in size depending on various changes.

What additional features are available for these screens?

For example, manufacturing process alterations could slightly increase or decrease the width or the height of an individual phone and its display. As a result, it is critical to carefully measure your phone to ensure it fits within these standard display guidelines. Doing so ensures that your screen and display meet your needs.

When buying one of these display units for your phone, it is important to understand the options and features that are available. Just a few of these include the following items:

  • Screen Covers: Installing a cover over your display screen will protect it from various destructive elements.
  • Light Display: You can improve your display by adding a simple light to the top of your phone. In this way, you can view it late at night or in poor lighting conditions.

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