LED Car Underbody Lights

Buying Guide to LED Car Underbody Lights

Choosing the right underbody lights for your car can revolutionize the way your vehicle is perceived whether you are cruising down the highway or pulling up to the club. These lights can also be used for safety purposes by shedding more light on dark country roads or even in your own neighborhood. Sift through the options in this collection to get your hands on vehicle lighting that provides that unmistakable underglow.

What varieties of underbody lights are offered?

When you search through the items in this selection, you will find that there are two main categories of underglow lighting accessories. These two categories are:

  • LED strips: These light kits consist of a long line of LED diodes embedded in a plastic strip. They come in rolls, and they are flat. These lights are available in many different neon colors, and each individual diode takes up little electricity.
  • LED lamps: These lights come in individual nodes. They are usually attached to the bottom of a vehicle with a metal bracket. The neon diodes in these kits are large and bright, and one common application of these kits is lining up four lights on each side of a car.
How do you choose underbody lights for your car?

In the end, this decision all comes down to style. Before making a choice, you will want to carefully examine the aesthetics for your car, and decide if you want LEDs that complement or clash with the tones of your paint job.

In addition, LED strips tend to diffuse light evenly along the length of your car, while LED lamps pool light in specific areas. It is important to be aware of the power draw consumed by each model you are considering, and you will also want to consider the different methods used to mount each type of underglow device.

How do you install underbody light strips?

If you decide to go down the path of strip lighting, you will need to know how to connect this type of lighting to your car. Follow these steps to secure your kit to your car or truck and connect it to your battery:

  • Most LED strips come with a module box. This box routes the signal from your lights to your battery. Install this box in a safe area of the engine compartment.
  • Using zip ties, secure your LEDs to the bottom of your vehicle. On most cars and trucks, there will be small holes through which you can thread these ties.
  • Once the LEDs are secured, run wire from the ends of the strips to the module box. If you need more room, most lighting kits come with wire extenders.
  • Connect the module box to the battery, and turn it on to test the lights.